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ANU UG / Degree B.Com (Gen) / B.Com(CA) 1st Sem Fundamentals of Accounts New Syllabus For A.Y 2020-21

ANU UG / Degree B.Com (Gen) / B.Com(CA) 1st Sem Fundamentals of Accounts New Syllabus For A.Y 2020-21 admitted batch is revised new syllabus with Learning outcomes (LOC) scheme with CBCS is as follow.

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the course, the student will able to
  1. Identify transactions and events that need to be recorded in the books of accounts.
  2. Equip with the knowledge of the accounting process and preparation of final accounts of a sole trader.
  3. Develop the skill of recording financial transactions and preparation of reports in accordance with GAAP.
  4. Analyze the difference between cash book and pass book in terms of balance and make reconciliation.
  5. Critically examine the balance sheets of a sole trader for different accounting periods.
  6. Design new accounting formulas & principles for business organizations
Unit-I – Introduction

Need for Accounting – Definition – Objectives, – Accounting Concepts and Conventions –GAAP - Accounting Cycle - Classification of Accounts and its Rules – Book Keeping and Accounting - Double Entry Book-Keeping - Journalizing - Posting to Ledgers, Balancing of Ledger Accounts (including Problems).

Unit-II: Subsidiary Books:

Types of Subsidiary Books - Cash Book, Three-column Cash Book- Petty Cash Book (including Problems).

Unit-III: Trial Balance and Rectification of Errors:

Preparation of Trial balance - Errors – Meaning – Types of Errors – Rectification of Errors – Suspense Account (including Problems)

Unit-IV: Bank Reconciliation Statement:

Need for Bank Reconciliation - Reasons for Difference between Cash Book and Pass Book Balances- Preparation of Bank Reconciliation Statement - Problems on both Favourable and Unfavourable Balance (including Problems).

Unit -V: Final Accounts:

Preparation of Final Accounts: Trading account – Profit and Loss account – Balance Sheet – Final Accounts with Adjustments (including Problems).


1. Ranganatham G and Venkataramanaiah, Fundamentals of Accounting, S Chand Publications
2. T.S. Reddy& A. Murthy, Financial Accounting, Margham Publications
3. S N Maheswari and SK Maheswari, Financial Accounting, Vikas Publications
4. R L Gupta & V K Gupta, Principles and Practice of Accounting, Sultan Chand & Sons
5. S.P. Jain & K.L Narang, Accountancy-I, Kalyani Publishers
6. Tulasian, Accountancy -I, Tata McGraw Hill Co.
7. V.K. Goyal, Financial Accounting, Excel Books
8. K. Arunjothi, Fundamentals of Accounting; Maruthi Publications
9. Prof E Chandraiah : Financial Accounting Seven Hills International Publishers

Suggested Co-Curricular Activities:
  •  Bridge Course for Non-commerce Students
  •  Practice of Terminology of Accounting
  • Quiz, Word Scramble
  •  Co-operative learning
  •  Seminar
  •  Co-operative learning
  •  Problem Solving Exercises
  •  Matching, Mismatch
  •  Creation of Trial Balance
  •  Visit a firm (Individual and Group)
  •  Survey on sole proprietorship and prepare final accounts of concern
  •  Group Discussions on problems relating to topics covered in the syllabus
  •  Examinations (Scheduled and surprise tests)
  •  Any similar activities with imaginative thinking beyond the prescribed syllabus


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