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ANU UG / Degree 5th Sem Guess Papers Oct 2017 Exams

Nagarjuna University ANU UG / Degree 5th Semester CBCS Guess Papers Oct 2017 Exams are now available for B.A, B.Sc, B.Sc, B.C.A. You can get good marks by preparing these model papers prepared by top examiners. All question papers are prepared at most care. While preparing these guess papers some subjects question papers model is changed But by reading these papers you can definitely get befit. You can also find the official Nagarjuna University model papers on this website. By downloading these official papers you can get idea about ANU model papers. We are also providing important questions unit wise for all subjects here.

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1. ANU UG 5th Semester CBCS Model Question Papers Oct / Nov 2017 Exams

2. ANU UG Degree 5th Semester important for BA / B.Com / B.Sc

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Clarification On UG / Degree 6th Semester clustering Subjects

As the universities are aware, a review of the syllabi implemented from 2015-16 under CBCS was taken up by the APSCHE based on the feedback received and as per the UGC guidelines. The review was made for a few select subjects that are common in colleges, i.e.,  Mathematics, Physics, Computer Sci/IT, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology (BSc), Economics, History, Political Science, Public Administration (BA) and English and Telugu (Language subjects).  The syllabi of B.Com., BBA and BCA, and Foundation Courses were also reviewed. The universities were requested to do a similar exercise in respect of other subjects.  In fact, no significant changes were made in the syllabi of the first two years (first four semesters) in most of the subjects. 

Degree 6th Semester Syllabus for B.A, B.Com, B.Sc Available Before 20th Oct 2017
Regarding the Electives (in the VI Semester), the following guidelines are to be followed.

1 .Papers VII and VIII will be Electives for any domain subject and both the papers will be offered in the same VI Semester of the final year (except in B.Com and BBA where the old pattern (VI and VIII papers are Electives) was retained).
2.At Paper -VII, a student will pursue three Electives respectively belonging to the three domain subjects. For example, an MPC student will study one each Elective from Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as individual Elective paper VII. He/she will choose from the multiple individual Electives offered for each subject.
3.Whereas, as Paper -VIII, the student will study all the three papers as a cluster from the same subject (one of the three subjects). These three papers will cover a wide stream and will give a wider learning experience to the students. For example, as Paper -VIII, an MPC student will pursue all the three papers belonging to Physics (VIII-A-1,2&3 or VIII-B-1,2&3 or….) from out of alternate Clusters of Electives of Physics and will not study Mathematics and Chemistry. Each Cluster will have three Electives.

            For Example in MPC, As papers-7 ( One physics paper) you need to select one among three papers ( from Paper-A, Papers-B, Paper-C). If you select paper-A, Then you need to select cluster related to that paper that is Cluster-A consisting of A-1,A-2,A-3 Papers. That is a student now study one Maths, One chemistry, Four Physics Papers in 6th semester.

4.A college may offer one or more Electives for each subject depending the availability of facilities, teachers and local expertise/opportunities. The selection of Electives may be at the college level and even at the student level if the colleges can afford suitable staff and facilities.  The universities may be obliged to consider the choice of the college/students.
5.Further, a college may identify its own novel and useful Electives,prepare syllabi/curricula, in consultation with the affiliating university, and offer the same to its students after the approval of the affiliating university concerned. 
6.The Electives of VI Semester (in case of V & VI in B.Com) may be treated as ‘specialisation’ and the title of the ‘stream’ may be mentioned in the provisional pass certificate of BA/BCom/BSc students. 

          For Example, If you select Physics as 7th Paper, Then your UG provisional certificate like " Under Graduate in Physics. For B.Com, If you select " Banking"  Then your UG provisional certificate like " Under Graduate in Banking.

8.In respect of B.Com. with papers of ‘Computer Applications’ as Electives in V&VI Semesters in the V and VI Semesters,  the respective universities may permit the colleges to collect additional fee for meeting the additional expenses.

Degree 6th Semester Syllabus for B.A, B.Com, B.Sc . Available Before 20th Oct 2017

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