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ANU UG / Degree B.Com (Gen) / B.Com(CA) 1st Sem Business Organization and Management New Syllabus For A.Y 2020-21

ANU UG / Degree B.Com (Gen) / B.Com(CA) 1st Sem Business Organization and Management  New Syllabus For A.Y 2020-21 admitted batch is revised new syllabus with Learning outcomes (LOC) scheme with CBCS are as follow.

Learning Outcomes:
  1. At the end of the course, the student will be able to
  2.  Understand different forms of business organizations.
  3.  Comprehend the nature of Joint Stock Company and formalities to promote a Company.
  4.  Describe the Social Responsibility of Business towards society.
  5.  Critically examine the various organizations of the business firms and judge the best among them.
  6.  Design and plan to register a business firm. Prepare different documents to register a company at his own.
  7.  Articulate new models of business organizations.

 Unit-I –Introduction Concepts of Business, Trade, Industry, and Commerce:

Business – Meaning, Definition, Features, and Functions of Business - Trade Classification – Aids to Trade – Industry Classification and Commerce - Factors Influencing the Choice of Suitable form of Organisation

Unit –II– Forms of Business Organizations:

Features, Merits and Demerits of Sole Proprietor Ship and Partnership Business - Features Merits and Demits of Joint Stock Companies - Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) - Multinational Corporations (MNCs)- Differences between Private Limited Public Limited Company

 Unit-III -Company Incorporation:

Preparation of Important Documents for Incorporation of Company - Certificate of Incorporation and Certificate of Commencement of Business - Contents of Memorandum and Articles of Association - Contents of Prospectus

 Unit-IV- Management: Meaning Characteristics - Fayol’s 14 Principles of Management - Administration Vs Management - Levels of Management

Unit-V-Functions of Management: Different Functions of Management - Meaning – Definition – Characteristics Merits and Demits of Planning - Principles of Organisation – Line and staff of Organisation.

Reference Books :

1. Industrial Organization and Management, C.B.Guptha, Sultan Chand.
2. Business Organization - C.D.Balaji and G. Prasad, Margham Publications, Chennai.
3. Business Organization - R.K.Sharma and Shashi K Gupta, Kalyani Publications.
4. Business Organization & Management: Sharma Shashi K. Gupta, Kalyani Publishers
5. Business Organization & Management: C.R. Basu, Tata McGraw Hill
6. Business Organization & Management: M.C. Shukla S. Chand,
7. Business Organisation and Management, Dr.NeeruVasishth, Tax Mann Publications.
8. Business Organisation and Management, Dr B E V L Naidu, Seven Hills International Publishers, Hyderabad

Suggested Co-Curricular Activities:

  • Book Reading
  • Student Seminars, Debates
  • Quiz Programmes
  • Assignments
  • Co-operative learning
  • Individual / Group Field Studies
  • Group Discussions on problems relating to topics covered by syllabus
  • Collecting prospectus of different companies through media
  • Collection of news reports and maintaining a record of paper-cuttings relating to topics covered in the syllabus
  • Talk on current affairs about the business, industry, etc.
  • Simple project work on the development of Certificate of Incorporation, Prospectus and Certificate of commencement of business
  • Biography of well-known management thinkers and managers of gigantic companies
  • Examinations (Scheduled and surprise tests)


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