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ANU UG / Degree B.Com (Gen) 1st Sem Business Environment New Syllabus For A.Y 2020-21

ANU UG / Degree B.Com (Gen)  1st Sem  Business Environment  New Syllabus For A.Y 2020-21 admitted batch is revised new syllabus with Learning outcomes (LOC) scheme with CBCS is as follow.

 Learning Outcomes:
  1. At the end of the course, the student will able to;
  2.  Understand the concept of the business environment.
  3.  Define Internal and External elements affecting the business environment.
  4.  Explain the economic trends and their effect on Government policies.
  5.  Critically examine the recent developments in the economic and business policies of the Government.
  6.  Evaluate and judge the best business policies in the Indian business environment.
  7.  Develop new ideas for creating a good business environment.

 Unit–I: Overview of Business Environment:

 Business Environment – Meaning – Characteristics – Scope -Macro and Micro Dimensions of Business Environment -Environmental Analysis.

Unit – II: Economic Environment: 

Economic Environment – Nature of the Economy – Structure of Economy – Economic Policies & Planning the Economic Condition – NITI Ayog – National Development Council – Five Year Plans

 Unit–III: Economic Policies:

Economic Reforms and New Economic Policy – New Industrial Policy – Competition Law – Fiscal Policy – Objectives and Limitations – Monetary Policy and RBI

Unit – IV: Social, Political and Legal Environment: Concept of Social Responsibility of Business towards Stakeholders - Demonetisation, GST, and their Impact - Political Stability - Legal Changes.

 Unit–V: Global Environment: 

Globalization – Meaning – Role of WTO – WTO Functions -IBRD– Trade Blocks, BRICS, SAARC, ASEAN in Globalisation

 Suggested Readings:

1. K. Aswathappa: Essentials of Business Environment, Himalaya Publishing House
2. Francis Cherunilam : Business Environment, Himalaya Publishing House
3. Dr. S Sankaran:: Business Environment, Margham Publications
4. S.K. Mishra and V.K. Puri: Economic Environment of Business, HPH
5. Rosy Joshi and Sangam Kapoor: Business Environment, Kalyanai Publications
6. A C Fernando: Business Environment, Pearson
7. Dr V Murali Krishna, Business Environment, Spectrum Publications
8. Namitha Gopal, Business Environment, McGraw Hill

 Suggested Co-Curricular Activities:

  •  Seminar on overview of the business environment
  •  Debate on micro v/s macro dimensions of the business environment
  •  Co-operative learning
  •  Seminar on Monetary policies of RBI
  •  Debate on the social, political and legal environment
  •  Group Discussions on Global environment and its impact on business
  •  To learn about NITI Ayog and National Development Council
  •  Seminars on Economic policies like New Industrial policy, Fiscal policy etc.
  •  Reports on WTO, BRICS, SAARC etc.
  •  Examinations (Scheduled and surprise tests) on all units


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