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 ANU UG 1st Sem Insurance Promotion Important Questions


 ANU UG 1st Sem Insurance Promotion Important Questions are now available, These questions are prepared by top experienced faculty. These questions are prepared for external exams. By preparing these questions you can get good marks in your exam.

Why ANU UPDATES Important Questions?

  1. 100% free and accuracy 
  2. According to syllabus
  3. Prepared by Highly qualified and experienced faculty.


Introduction of Insurance - Types of insurances. Growth of Insurance sector in India - Regulatory mechanism (IRDA) - Its functions 

Important Questions

  1. Insurance Contract 
  2. Risk-Meaning 
  3. Write the growth of insurance sector in India
  4. Explain various types of insurances 
  5. Write about the concept of insurance.
  6. Write any five functions of IRDA.
  7. Explain the role of IRDA in promoting and protecting insurance sector.
  8. Explain about types of insurances.
  9. Define insurance? Explain the features of insurance.
  10. Explain the origin and evaluation of insurance sector in India.
  11. Objectives of insurance.
  12. Insurance Ombudsman 
  13. Explain various principles of insurance.
  14. What are the powers and duties performed by IRDA.


Life Insurance plans. Health insurance plans.Products and features. Contents of documents– Sales Promotion methods - Finding prospective customers –Counselling – Helping customers in filing - Extending post-insurance service to customers.

 Important Questions

  1. Life insurance purpose 
  2. Post insurance service 
  3. Explain various types of insurances 
  4. Explain the importance of Health Insurance 
  5. Write any five features of health insurance
  6. Write a brief note on prospective customers 
  7. Explain the process behind finding prospective customers.
  8. Explain the importance of post insurance service to customers.
  9. Principles of life insurance 
  10. Elucidate the methods of insurance sales promotion?
  11. Write about any two Health insurance plans with their features.


General Insurance - It's products (Motor, Marine,Machinery, Fire, Travel and Transportation ) and features.Contents of documents.Dealing with customers – Explaining Products to Customers - Promoting Customer loyalty. Maintenance of Records.

 Important Questions

  1. What is customer Loyalty? Suggest measures to promote customer Loyalty.
  2. Explain the elements of fire insurance contract.
  3. Explain the role of general insurance on Indian Economy.
  4. Briefly narrate various polices under general insurance.
  5. Discuss the importance of Motor insurance in India.
  6. Explain the importance of Fire insurance.
  7. Write a detailed note on marine insurance.
  8. Describe about the documents and their contents in General insurance.


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