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 ANU UG/Degree 1st Sem Hunan Values & Professional Ethics (HVPE) Important Questions


 ANU UG/Degree 1st Sem Hunan Values and Professional Ethics (HVPE) Important Questions are now available. These questions are prepared by experienced faculty. We are providing these important question for your external examinations. By preparing these questions you can get maximum marks in your external examination.

Why ANU UPDATES Important Questions?

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  3. Prepared by Highly qualified and experienced faculty.

UNIT: 1 Introduction – Definition, Importance, Process & Classifications of Value Education

  • Understanding the need, basic guidelines, content and process for Value Education
  • Understanding the thought provoking issues; need for Values in our daily life
  • Choices making – Choosing, Cherishing & Acting
  • Classification of Value Education: understanding Personal Values, Social Values, Moral Values & 
  • Spiritual Values

Important Questions

  1. What is meant by the process of value education?
  2. What is the need for value education?
  3. Social values.
  4. Discuss the classification of  value education?
  5. Explain the need for values in our daily life?
  6. What are the items included in self exploration.
  7. What are the basic requirements of fulfill human aspirations of happiness and prosperity.
  8. What are the human values? What is their significance?
  9. Explain the need for moral values in the society.
  10. Discuss the self exploration as the process of value education.
  11. Define value education and how does value education helps in fulfilling one's aspiration.
  12. Give a brief account on classification of value education.  

UNIT: 2 Harmony in the Family – Understanding Values in Human Relationships

  • Understanding harmony in the Family- the basic unit of human interaction
  • Understanding the set of proposals to verify the Harmony in the Family;
  • Trust (Vishwas) and Respect (Samman) as the foundational values of relationship
  • Present Scenario: Differentiation (Disrespect) in relationships on the basis of body, physical facilities, or beliefs.
  • Understanding the Problems faced due to differentiation in Relationships
  • Understanding the harmony in the society (society being an extension of family): Samadhan, Samridhi, Abhay, Sah-astitva as comprehensive Human Goals
  • Visualizing a universal harmonious order in society- Undivided Society AkhandSamaj), Universal Order (SarvabhaumVyawastha )- from family to world family

Important Questions 

  1. List set of proposals to verify harmony in the family.
  2. What are the basic guidelines for value education.
  3. How do we differentiate in relationships on the basic of body, physical facilities or beliefs? What problems do we face because of such differentiation?
  4.  Describe the concept and undivided society and the universal order and explain how both these can help to create a world family.
  5. List set of proposals to verify harmony in the family.
  6. Respect the difference between respect and differentiation/disrespect.
  7. What are the most common problems faced due differentiation in relationships?
  8. How do we differentiation in relationships on the basis of body, physical facilities or beliefs? What problems do face because of such differentiation?
  9. Trust and Respect.
  10. Define human rights and explain the features of human rights?
  11. What is the time planning?
  12. Universal human order.
  13. Relationship between individual and society.
  14. Harmony in Nature.
  15. What are the five dimensions of  human endevour?
  16. What are the needs of the self(I) and the Body.
  17. What are the four orders in nature? Explain.

UNIT: 3 Professional Ethics in Education

  • Understanding about Professional Integrity, Respect & Equality, Privacy, Building Trusting Relationships.
  • Understanding the concepts; Positive co-operation, Respecting the competence of other professions.
  • Understanding about Taking initiative and Promoting the culture of openness.
  • Depicting Loyalty towards Goals and objectives.

Important Questions 

  1. Give a brief account on professional integrity? Is it possible in actual practice.
  2. Critically examine the issues in professional ethics in the present scenario.
  3. What do you mean by competence in professional ethics? Elaborate with examples.
  4. Discuss the taking initiative and promoting the culture of openners?
  5. Concept of respect and equality.
  6. Ethical and unethical practices.
  7. What are the important aspects of ethics based on human relation.
  8. What is meant by equality? What are its different kinds.
  9. Write an  essay on the principles of management based on ethics and values.
  10. What are the thought provoking issues involved in value education?


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