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ANU UG B.Com 5th Sem Commercial Geography Important Questions


 ANU UG B.Com 5th Sem Commercial Geography Important Questions: Acharya Nagarjuna University B.Com 5th Semester Commercial Geography CG important questions for external exams are now available. These questions are prepared by subject experts of ANU FAST UPDATES Team.

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UNIT-I (The earth)

10 Marks Questions

  1. Explain briefly the sources and effects of Environmental pollution.
  2. Explain briefly the internal structure of earth.[ANU-19,18,17]
  3. What do you understood by water pollution? what are the main causes of water pollution.
  4. Explain the Realms of the earth.[ANU-19,18]
  5. Write the meaning of global warming and explain causes of this phenomenon.[ANU-17]
  6. Discuss the sources of air pollution in India and suggest measures to control it?
  7. What are latitude and longitudes? Explain the relationship between longitude and time.

5 Marks Questions

  1. Global warming.
  2. write a brief note on Bhopal gas Tragedy. [ANU-17]
  3. What are latitude and longitudes.
  4. Causes of Air pollution.[ANU-19,18,17]

UNIT-II ( Indian-Agriculture)

10 Marks Questions

  1. Give a brief note on the classification of soils in India.[ANU-19]
  2. What is soil erosion? Discuss the causes of soil erosion and suggest methods of conservationing soil.[ANU-17].
  3. Explain briefly about the importance of agriculture in our country.
  4. What are the major problems of agriculture in  India? Discuss.[ANU-18]
  5. Explain various food and non-food crops.[ANU-19,17]
  6. Explain various steps taken by state and central government for agriculture development.[ANU-18]
  7. Explain about commercial crops grown in India.
  8. Explain the major food crops grown in India.

5 Marks Questions

  1. Briefly explain the effects of Green Revolution.[ANU-19]
  2. Distinguish between soil degradation and soil erosion.
  3. Importance of  agriculture.[ANU-19,17]
  4. What is soil.[ANU-18]
  5. What are non-food crops?[ANU-18]
  6. Types of soils.[ANU-17,19]

UNIT-III ( Indian-Forestry) 

10 Marks Questions

  1. Explain about the need for the protection of forests.
  2. What is " Forest Rights Act,2006". Explain various features of the act to protect forests.[ANU-19]
  3. Discuss forest conservation act 1980.[ANU-2019,18]
  4. Discuss the importance of forests. Also explain types of forests.
  5. Give the details of compensatory afforestation fund bill, 2015.
  6. Discuss status of forests in Andhra Pradesh.[ANU-18]
  7. How Indian forests are classified into different groups? Also explain each of them.[ANU-17]
  8. How forest right act,2006 is helpful to marginal and tribal communities.[ANU-17]
  9. Explain compensatory afforestation fund bill 2015.

5 Marks Questions

  1. Explain about deforestation in India.
  2. Write about various steps to conserve forests.
  3. IIR programe. [ANU-2019]
  4. Desertification.[ANU-2019]
  5. Steps to conserve forests.[ANU-2019]
  6. What is tropical rain forest.[ANU-18]
  7. How would you define forest?[ANU-17]
  8. Chipko movement.[ANU-17]

UNIT-IV ( India Mineral and Mining)

10 Marks Questions

  1. Give a brief notes about the mineral wealth of India.
  2. Give a detailed account of important minerals of India.[ANU-17]
  3. What is Barites? Explain briefly about its uses and deposits.
  4. What is mining? Explain different methods of mining.
  5. Discuss about Mangampeta Berites.[ANU-18]
  6. What are different varieties of Coal in India? Explain in detail about singareni coal mines.[ANU-19,18]
  7. What is Barytes? Explain its uses, and name the main barytes producing districts of Andhra Pradesh.[ANU-19]
  8. Explain about renewable and non-renewable minerals? Also state the differences between renewable and non-renewable resources.
  9. What is the origin of coal? Explain different varieties of coal. Also state its production and distribution.[ANU-17]

5 Marks Questions

  1. National water policy 2002
  2. Coal mining.[ANU-18]
  3. Metallic minerals.[ANU-19]
  4. Uses of minerals.[ANU-17]
  5. Difference between Metallic and Non-Metallic Minerals.

UNIT-5 ( India-water Resources-Rivers)

10 Marks Questions

  1. Explain the differences between the Himalayan and Peninsular River.
  2. Give a brief note on the interlinking of rivers. How India can be benefited by the Gang-Cauvery  canal?[ANU-19]
  3. Describe the surface and ground water resources of India.[ANU-17]
  4. Explain in detail about water resources in India.[ANU-18]
  5. Explain briefly about the rivers in Andhra Pradesh.
  6.  Explain the suggestive steps for conservation of water resources with examples.[ANU-19,17]
  7. Explain about perennial and peninsular rivers in India.[ANU-18]

5 Marks Questions

  1. National Water Policy 2002.
  2. What is rain water harvesting? what are its objectives?
  3. What are peninsular rivers?
  4. what are the water resources.[ANU-18]
  5. What is ground water?[ANU-18]
  6. Uses of minerals.[ANU-17]
  7. Watershed Management.[ANU-17
  8. Desertification.[ANU-19]


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