Thursday, 28 January 2021

ANU UG B.Com(CA) 5th Sem Taxation Important Questions

ANU UG B.Com 4th Sem Income Tax Important Questions for external exams are now available. These questions are prepared by top examiners of anuupdates team. By preparing these questions you can get a maximum of 70 Marks in your external exams.

UNIT-I (Introduction)
  1. Explain in detail about the Incidence of change.[ANU-19]
  2. How do you determine the residential status of an individual?[ANU-19]
  3. State the various income exempted from tax.
  4. Explain the salient features of  GST.[ANU-18]
  5. What are the exempted incomes under section 10 of Income tax Act?[ANU-18]
  6. Explain the meaning and benefits of GST.[ANU-17]
  7. How do you determine the residential status of an individual as resident and ordinarily resident?[ANU-17]
  1. How do you determine gross annual and net annual value?[ANU-19]
  2. Explain the meaning and tax treatment of rent free accommodation.[ANU-18]
  3. Enumerate the kinds of provident fund and application of income tax provisions.[ANU-17] 
  1. What are the  chargeable income under the head " profit and gains of business or profession"?[ANU-19]
  2. Name some in admissible expenses debited to profit and loss a/c under business income.
  3. How you compute interest on loan for house property for per-construction and post  construction period? [ANU-18]
  4. Explain the term " Preliminary Expenses" and state the tax treatment of preliminary Expenses.[ANU-17]
  5. Discuss the expenses debited to profit and loss account but disallowed by the Income Tax Act under business income.
  1. What are the " Deemed Incomes"? [ANU-19]
  2. What is meant by set-off and carry forward of losses. Explain it with an example. 
  3. Explain the provisions relating to clubbing of income of minor child.[ANU-18]
  4. What are transactions not regraded as "transfer"[ANU-17]
  5. What is set-off and carry forward of losses.Explain with  an Example.
  1. Give a proforma for computation of net income of an Individual.[ANU-19]
  2. What is GST? what are the advantages and short comings at the central and state level on the introduction of GST?
  3. State the provisions for claiming dedications under section 80C of Income Tax Act.[ANU-18]
  4.  Explain in details the items of deducting under section 80C of Income Tax Act.[ANU-17]


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