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ANU ICT-I Basics of Computer Application New Syllabus


This course aims at providing exposure to students in skill development towards basic office applications.
Course Learning Outcomes:
After successful completion of the course, student will be able to:

1. Demonstrate basic understanding of computer hardware and software.
2. Apply skills and concepts for basic use of a computer.
3. Identify appropriate tool of MS office to prepare basic documents, charts, spreadsheets and presentations.
4. Create personal, academic and business documents using MS office.
5. Create spreadsheets, charts and presentations.
6. Analyze data using charts and spread sheets.

Unit-I: (08 hrs)

Basics of Computers: Definition of a Computer - Characteristics of computers, Applications of Computers – Block Diagram of a Digital Computer – I/O Devices, hardware, software human ware, application software, system software, Memories - Primary, Auxiliary and Cache Memory.

MS Windows – Desktop, Recycle bin, My Computer, Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos,Task Bar, Control Panel.

Unit-II: (08 hrs)

MS-Word : Features of MS-Word - MS-Word Window Components - Creating, Editing, Formatting and Printing of Documents – Headers and Footers – Insert/Draw Tables, Table Auto format – Page Borders and Shading – Inserting Symbols, Shapes, Word Art, Page Numbers, Mail Merge.

Unit-III: (10 hrs)

MS-Excel : Overview of Excel features – Creating a new worksheet, Selecting cells, Entering and editing Text, Numbers, Inserting Rows/Columns –Changing column widths and row heights, Formulae, Referencing cells , Changing font sizes and colors, Insertion of Charts, Auto fill, Sort.

MS-PowerPoint: Features of PowerPoint – Creating a Presentation - Inserting and Deleting Slides in a Presentation – Adding Clip Art/Pictures -Inserting Other Objects, Audio, Video - Resizing and scaling of an Object – Slide Transition – Custom Animation


1. Working in Microsoft Office – Ron Mansfield - TMH.
2. MS Office 2007 in a Nutshell –Sanjay Saxena – Vikas Publishing House.
3. Excel 2020 in easy steps-Michael Price – TMH publications



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