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ANU UG / Degree B.Sc (BZC) 1st Sem Botany New Syllabus A.Y 2020-21

ANU UG / Degree B.Sc (BZC) 1st Sem Botany New Syllabus A.Y 2020-21 is now available, news degree syllabus for the academic year 2020-21 botany 1st-year 1st semester is now available, here you can download all latest updates about the new syllabus.

Unit – 1:Origin of life and Viruses 

1. Origin of life, concept of primary Abiogenesis;Miller and Urey experiment.Five kingdom classification of R.H. Whittaker
2. Discovery of microorganisms,Pasteur experiments, germ theory of diseases.
3. Shape and symmetry of viruses; structure of TMV and Gemini virus; multiplicationof TMV; A brief account of Prions and Viroids.
4. A general account on symptoms of plant diseases caused by Viruses.Transmission of plant viruses and their control.
5. Significance of viruses in vaccine production,bio-pesticides and as cloning vectors.

Unit – 2:Special groups of Bacteria and Eubacteria 

1. Brief account of Archaebacteria, ActinomycetesandCyanobacteria.
2. Cell structure and nutritionof Eubacteria.
3. Reproduction- Asexual (Binary fission and endospores) and bacterial recombination (Conjugation, Transformation,Transduction).
4. Economic importance of Bacteria with reference to their role in Agriculture and industry (fermentation and medicine).
5. A general account on symptoms of plant diseases caused by Bacteria; Citrus canker.

Unit – 3: Fungi and Lichens 

1. General characteristics of fungi and Ainsworth classification (upto classes).
2. Structure, reproductionand life history of(a)Rhizopus(Zygomycota)and (b)Puccinia (Basidiomycota).
3. Economic uses of fungi in food industry, pharmacy and agriculture.
4. A general account on symptoms of plant diseases caused by Fungi; Blast of Rice.
5. Lichens- structure and reproduction; ecological and economic importance.

Unit – 4: Algae 

1. General characteristics of Algae (pigments, flagella and reserve food material);Fritsch classification (upto classes).
2. Thallus organization and life cycles in Algae.
3. Occurrence, structure, reproduction and life cycle of (a) Spirogyra (Chlorophyceae) and (b) Polysiphonia (Rhodophyceae).
4. Economic importance of Algae

Unit – 5:Bryophytes 

1. General characteristics of Bryophytes; classification upto classes.
2. Occurrence, morphology, anatomy, reproduction (developmental details are not needed) and life cycle of (a) Marchantia (Hepaticopsida) and (b) Funaria(Bryopsida).
3. General account on evolution of sporophytes in Bryophyta.

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