Friday, 27 March 2020

ANU UG 6th Sem Foundations of Data Science Important Questions

ANU UG 6th Sem Foundations of Data Science Important Questions are now available, by reading these questions you can get good marks in external exams. The question paper consists of 10 questions and you need to answer nay five of them. Each question carries 15 marks.

1. What is Data Science ? What are its roles and stages in Data Science.
2. What are the different properties and characteristics of Relational Data Bases.
3. Explain the properties of NOSQL.
4. What is Machine Learning? What is its role in Data Science
5. What is a Cluster Analysis? Explain K-means algorithm.
6. What is Regression? Explain Logistic Regression.
7. Explain the Characteristics of 'R' Language? How d we read Data into 'R'.
8. What are Data frames? Write its Significance in 'R'.
9. Explain the Construction of Arrays and Matrices in 'R' Language.
10. Explain probability Distribution and Discrete Poisson distribution.
11. Explain in detail about Binomial Distribution.
12. What is Normal Distribution? Explain the representation of Normal Distribution in 'R'
Language with example.
13. Explain about Plot( ) function in 'R' Language.
14. Explain about Graph Exploration in 'R' Language.
15. What are Matrix Plots. Write its Significance.


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