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ANU UG B.Sc 6th Sem Big Data Technology Important Questions

ANU UG B.Sc 6th Sem Big Data Technology Important Questions are now available, by reading these questions you can get good marks in external exams. The question papers consists of total 10 questions and you need to answer any 5 question out of 10. Each question carries 15 marks.

1. What is distributed File System? Explain the significance of four V's in Big Data.
2. Explain Briefly about Big Data Analysis.
3. Explain Briefly about Big Data Application.
4. What is Big Data? Explain the characteristics and Proper APACHE Hadoop.
5. Explain how do we move data in and out of Hadoop.
6. Write about Map reduce and Data Serialization.
7. Explain briefly about Hadoop Architecture.
8. Explain Hadoop shell commands.
9. Write about HDFS administration, Monitoring and maintenance.
10. Explain Hive Architecture and Installation.
11. Compare Traditional Data Base with Hive.
12. Explain sorting and Aggregation in Hive & L.
13. Explain the concepts of HBase. Write its uses.
14. How a Schema Design in done in HBase.
15. How a Zookeeper is used in monitoring a clusters.


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