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ANU UG / Degree B.Com 5th Sem Web Technology important questions

ANU B.Com 5th Sem Web Technology important questions for 5 units are available. You can get good marks by preparing these questions. The question papers consists of  8 questions and you need to answer any five questions. Each question carries 15 Marks. nagarjuna university B.Com important questions for web technologies.

What are the expected Questions from each unit.

                  According to the model paper placed on the official nagarjuna university website, you can get single question from each unit compulsory. But as per our expectations the following choice is followed.

UNIT-I ------- 2 Questions /

UNIT-II ----- 1 Question

UNIT-III ----- 2 Questions

UNIT-IV ---- 1 Question / 2 Questions

UNIT-V ----  2 Question

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UNIT-I ( Introduction to HTML)

  1. What is Topology? Explain different types of typologies.
  2. Explain different types of networks with examples.[Oct-17]
  3. Describe the basic structure of HTML Document.[Oct-19]
  4. Write about various formatting tags in HTML.[Oct-18]
  5. What are hyperlinks and Heading Tags? Explain.[Oct-19]
  6. What are different types of list in HTML? Explain how these list are created in HTML with suitable example
  7. How to create tables in HTML? Write a HTML program to set table background with color and image for table.[Oct-17]
  8. Explain the procedure to include multimedia objects in web page.
  9. Explain how frames are created in web page with example.
  10. Discuss various form tags.[Oct-19,18]

UNIT-II ( Cascading Style Sheets)

  1. What is the purpose of creating Cascading Style Sheets? Explain the types of CSS.
  2. Explain CSS Syntax with Examples.[Oct-19]
  3. Explain how to format block of information.
  4. How to how add your own styles to web page.[Oct-17]
  5. Write about properties and values.[Oct-18]
  6. What is layer? How they are created? Describe with example.[Oct-17]

UNIT-III ( Introduction to JavaScript)

  1. What is DHTML? Write the difference between HTML and DHTML.
  2. What is JavaScript? Write advantages and disadvantages.[Oct-18]
  3. What is variable? Explain the use of JavaScript variable with example.
  4. Write about various string manipulation functions with examples.[Oct-18]
  5. Write about various mathematical functions with examples.[Oct-19]
  6. Write about various statements in JavaScript.[Oct-19]
  7. List out Various operators available in JavaScript.
  8. Explain JavaScript Arrays in Detail with example program.
  9. Explain how an element can be removed from an array.
  10. What are the functions used in JavaScript? How are the functions defined in JavaScript? Explain with an example.[Oct-17]

UNIT-IV ( Objects in JavaScript)
  1. How JavaScript supports object orientation? Explain with Example.
  2. Explain regular expression in JavaScript.[Oct-18]
  3. Explain exception handling in JavaScript with example.
  4. Explain in detail built in objects in JavaScript.[Oct-17]
  5. Explain document Object in Detail.[Oct-19] 
  6. Write about form object.[Oct-18]
  7. " JavaScript is a event driven system". Justify.
UNIT-V ( DHTML with JavaScript)

  1. How data validation performed in JavaScript? Write JavaScript to validate a form.
  2. Design a web page to open in new window.
  3. Explain moving images and rollover buttons.[Oct-19]
  4. Explain Text-Only Menu System.[Oct-18]
  5. Write about multiple pages in single download.
  6. Write about a) messages and conformations b) status bar[Oct-19] c) writing to different frame.[Oct-17]
 Note: Get get 100 % pass marks prepare any two units of the above.


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