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ANU UG / Degree B.Com 5th Sem Programming in C important questions

ANU B.Com 5th Sem Programming in C important questions for 5 units are available. You can get good marks by preparing these questions. The question papers consists of  8 questions and you need to answer any five questions. Each question carries 15 Marks. nagarjuna university B.Com important questions for Programming in C.

What are the expected Questions from each unit.

                  According to the model paper placed on the official nagarjuna university website, you can get single question from each unit compulsory. But as per our expectations the following choice is followed.

UNIT-I ------- 2 Questions / 3 Questions

UNIT-II ----- 1 Question

UNIT-III ----- 2 Questions

UNIT-IV ---- 1 Question / 2 Questions

UNIT-V ----  1 Question

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UNIT-I ( Introduction to algorithms and programming languages)

  1. What is algorithm? How it is useful in the context of software development.[Oct-19,18]
  2. Explain the structure of C Program with example program.[Oct-18]
  3. Explain basic data types in C .[Oct-18]
  4. Explain the terms variables and constants? How many types of variables are supported by C.[Oct-19,17] 
  5. Explain different types of operators in C.[Oct-18,17]
  6. Explain type conversion and type casting in C.

UNIT-II ( Decision control and looping statements)

  1. Explain decisions control / Branching / conditional  statements in C.[Oct-19,17]
  2. Write a syntax and example for switch statement[Oct-18]
  3. Explain iterative / Looping statements in C.
  4. Write about unconditional branching statements in C.
  5. Distinguish between the break and continue statement.[Oct-18]

UNIT-III ( Functions)

  1. What is Function? Explain function declaration, function call and definition in C.[Oct-19]
  2. Explain different parameter passing techniques ( call by value and call by reference).[Oct-17]
  3. Define a function. Explain the concept of making function calls. [oct-18]
  4. Write a program using for loop to print all the numbers from m to n.[Oct-18]
  5. Different between formal parameters and actual parameters.[Oct-18]
  6. What is variable? Explain different scopes of variables.
  7. What is storage class? Explain different types of storage classes in C.[Oct-17]
  8. What is Recursion? Explain.

UNIT-IV ( Arrays)

  1. What is Array? Explain different types of arrays in C.
  2. Explain one and two dimensional arrays in C.
  3. Explain different ways to pass one dimensional array to functions.
  4. What are different operations that can be performed on Two dimensional arrays? Explain.
  5. Write a Program to read and display 3x3 matrix.[Oct-19,17]
  6. Write a program to read and display array of 'n' integers using 1D array.[Oct-19] 
  7. What is an array? How can you access elements of 1D-array?[Oct-18,17]
UNIT-V ( String)

  1. What is string? Write about any 10 string handling functions in C.[Oct-19,17]
  2. Write about string I/O functions in C.
  3. Write about charter functions in C.   
Important Programs
  1. Write a c program to check weather the given string is palindrome or not.
  2. Write a c program to find the length of a string.
  3. Write a c program to add, subtract, and multiply two matrices.[Oct-18]
  4. Write a c program to find maximum and minimum element in an Arrays.
  5. Write a c program to find factorial of a given number using recursion.[Oct-19]
  6. Write a c program to print Fibonacci series using recursion.
  7. Write a c program to reverse a given number.
  8. Write a c program to find biggest of three numbers. 
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