Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Some clarifications on 2nd sem and 4th sem subjects

There might creating lost of confusion from the last few days when 2nd sem and 4th sem is started. The university going to change number of subjects and introducing new subjects every week. No one have clarity about how many subject are there, what are the subject names, which subject is removed and which subject is introduced ext....

             Here, the experts of ANUUPDATES Team and with the help of senior faculty of some colleges, we come finally clarification on semester subject and practical exams. The changes are mentioned in note section of each group.

Subject That are given in the revised syllabus May 2016 for various groups are as follows. From 4th semester on words all the students who are admitted Degree in the Year 2015 must follow the syllabus of 2016 admitted batch.

Languages for all groups
1. Telugu-II
2. English-II
3. Communication and Soft skills-II
4. Information and Communication Technology-I

 Note: No Changes in the 2nd semester languages subjects.

 1. Communication and Soft Skills-3
 2. Analytical Skills 
 3. Entrepreneurship / Citizenship Education
 4. Leadership Education / Citizenship Education 

 Note: On 20.12.2016 Nagarjuna University Placed new foundation course "  Citizenship Education " which can be replaced any one of the above.
B.Sc Group Subjects:
 1. Mathematics-IV 
 2. Chemistry-IV
 3. Computers-IV
 4. Physics-IV
 5. Statistics-IV
 6. Zoology-IV
 7. Botany-IV 

Note: No changes in 4th sem group subjects.

1. Mathematics-II
 2. Chemistry-II
 3. Computers-II
 4. Physics-II
 5. Statistics-II
 6. Zoology-II
 7. Botany-II

Note: No changes in 2nd sem group subjects.

B.Com ( General) Group Subjects  

1.Accounting for Service organizations
2.Business Laws
3. Income Tax

Note: No changes in 4th sem group subjects.

1. Fundamentals of Accounting-II
2.Business Environment
3. Business Economics-II

Note: No changes in 2nd sem group subjects.

B.Com ( Res) Group Subjects  

2.Business Economics
3. Enterprise Resource Planning

Note: No changes in 2nd sem group subjects.

1.Banking Theory and Practice
2.Business Laws
3.Business Analytics / Computer Accounting with Tally.

Note:  Some days Back on official site we saw "Computer Accounting with Tally" subject instead of Business Analytics. But it was now removed. That is Business Analytics is final subject for B.Com 4th Sem Res.

Note: There is no Computer Practicals for B.Com Computer courses in all semesters

 Note: If you have any other doubts regarding syllabus and model paper ext.. you can feel free contact us by contact for available on this website. Or Commencement below, we come with best explanation.  
Note: In fourth sem there may be chance of introducing new " computer related " foundation course".


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