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First internship (April-May after 1st year examinations): Community Service Project Procedure

There will be only internal evaluation for this internship. Each faculty member is to be assigned with 10 t0 15 students depending upon availability of the faculty members. The faculty member will act as a faculty-mentor for the group and is incharge for the learning activities of the students and also for the comprehensive and continuous assessment of the students.

Marks and Credits for First internship:
  1. The assessment is to be conducted for 100 marks. 
  2. The number of credits assigned is 4

Why Community Service Project as First internship:

Community Service Project is an experiential learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction, participation, learning and community development

Community Service Project involves students in community development and service activities and applies the experience to personal and academic development.

Community Service Project is meant to link the community with the college for mutual benefit. The community will be benefited with the focused contribution of the college students for the village/ local development. The college finds an opportunity to develop social sensibility and responsibility among students and also emerge as a socially responsible institution.

How to implement Community Service Project as First internship( College/student guide lines)

  1. Each class/section should be assigned with a mentor (like incharge).
  2. The mentor should be a faculty member. Incentive could be given to the faculty mentors in terms of Academic Performance Indicators (API) scores. Or could even be made a compulsory in the service conditions laid down at the time of appointment.
  3. The 180 hours of Community Service Project could be done in different areas.
  4. Specific Departments could concentrate on their major areas of concern. For example, Dept. of Computer Science can take up activities related to Computer Literacy to different sections of people like - youth, women, house-wives, etc…
  5. There is no limit to present / do internship in particular area.
  6. A log book has to be maintained by each of the student, where the activities undertaken/involved to be recorded.
  7. The log book has to be countersigned by the concerned mentor/faculty incharge
  8. Evaluation to be done based on the active participation of the student and grade could be awarded by the mentor/faculty member
  9. The Community Service Project should be different from the regular programmes of NSS/NCC/Green Corps/Red Ribbon Club, etc.
  10. Minor project report should be submitted by each student. An internal Viva shall also be conducted by a committee constituted by the principal of the college.
  11. Award of marks shall be made as per the guidelines of Internship/apprentice/ on the job training

Procedure for doing Community Service Project

A group of students or even a single student could be assigned for a particular habitation or village or municipal ward, as far as possible, in the near vicinity of their place of stay, so as to enable them to commute from their residence and return back by evening or so.

The Community Service Project contain two steps

First, the student(s) could conduct a survey of the habitation, if necessary, in terms of their own domain or subject area.

For example

A student of Arts will focus on socio-economic conditions, social survey and about the Government’s social security schemes.

A student of Sciences could take up a survey on the health and hygiene conditions of that habitation, similarly, with other subject areas too. Or it can even be a general survey, incorporating all the different areas.

A common survey format could be designed. This should not be viewed as a duplication of work by the Village or Ward volunteers; rather, it could be another primary source of data.

Secondly, the student/s could take up a project work related to their domain or subject area

A specific example,

A student of B.Sc (BZC) will first conduct a survey of his/her habitation which could be related to a specific area or in a comprehensive way of socioeconomic conditions, covering all the areas listed above.
Could conduct an awareness programme on Health and Hygiene or in Organic Farming or in Fisheries or in advocating prohibition of liquor or about renewable energy, or any other activity in an area as per his/her aptitude and the problems identified in the socioeconomic survey conducted.

A project work shall be done on a particular topic related to his/her domain subject area.

For Complete list of Community Service Project click here


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