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ANU UG/Degree B.Sc 4th Sem Data Structures Previous Year Question Papers


Acharya nagarjuna university UG/Degree B.Sc 4th Sem previous year question papers. ANU Degree 4th sem previous year question papers. Degree 4th sem previous year papers download. Degree 4th sem computer previous question papers.

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 ANU UG/Degree B.Sc 4th Sem Data Structures Previous Year Question Papers 

March 2017 Question Paper

  1. Discuss about liked list concepts and its operations.
  2. Define Queue. Write various operations on Queue with help of algorithms.
  3. What is stack? Write an algorithm to perform the stack operations using arrays.
  4. Write procedure to create, insert, and delete nodes in binary tree.
  5. Explain heap sort with help of algorithm.
  6. (a) Discuss about minimum spanning tree.(b) Explain about depth first search.
  7. (a) write an algorithm to perform bubble sort.(b) Distinguish between binary search and linear search.
  8. Define binary tree. Write the algorithm to implement binary search tree.

April 2018 Question Paper

  1. (a) Define Data structure. Explain linear and non-linear data structure with examples. (b) Define ADT. Explain the advantages of ADT.
  2. Define linked list. Explain the single linked list operations in detail.
  3. Define stack. Explain stack operations in detail.
  4. (a) Define Queue and Circular Queue. Explain the advantages of Queue. (b) Explain the operations of Circular Queue on detail.
  5. Define tree and binary tee. Explain different ways of storing trees in computer memory with suitable example.
  6. Define spanning tree. Explain different ways of constructing minimum cost spanning tree.
  7. Define search. Explain different types of searching with suitable programs as examples.
  8. Explain quick sort with suitable example. Write a program for Quick sort.

March / April 2019 Question Paper

  1. (a) Explain about primitive and non-primitive data structures.(b) What are applications of linked list.
  2. Write a program for single linked list.
  3. Define stack. Explain various operations performed on stack.
  4. What is Queue data structure? State the algorithm for insert and delete an element from Queue.
  5. Write about different tree traversing techniques.
  6. What are the various ways to find minimal spanning tree? Explain.
  7. Write a program for binary search tree? Explain with example.
  8. Explain bubble sort techniues with program and example.

March / April 2020 Question Paper

  1. (a) Explain about storage structures and file structures.(b) What is Abstract Data type.
  2. What is linked list? Write about all possible operations on double linked list.
  3. Write an algorithm to implement stack using arrays.
  4. Explain about Circular Queue, Dequeue, and priority Queue.
  5. Explain the following (a) BST and BST applications (b) Threaded binary tree
  6. Explain linear search algorithm with examples.
  7. What is graph? Explain various representations of graphs.
  8. Explain different sorting techniues.


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