Wednesday 24 March 2021

ANU B.Com / B.A (Computers) Information technology 1st Sem revised syllabus w.e.f 2020-21


Unit-I Introduction computers

Computer Definition - Characteristics and Limitations of Computer, Generations of Computer, Classification of Computers, Applications of Computer, Hardware — Basic organization of Computer - Input and Output Devices.

Unit- II (Understanding computer memory and software)

Memories: primary, secondary and cache memory, Software: types of software, system software, Application software, commercial software, open source software, domain software and free ware software, Programming Languages: Introduction to Programming Languages – Generations of Programming Languages.

Unit- III Get in touch with Word Processing (MS word)

Features of MS Word - Parts of Word Window – Creating, Saving, Opening document, Printing, Formatting: Formatting of Text and Paragraph - Bullets and Numbering - Editing - Moving and Copying - Find and Replace Text –Tables: Creating tables, inserting and deleting rows and columns, Insertion of pictures –Insertion of clipart - Mail Merge

Unit-IV Working with MS Excel

Features of Excel, Parts of Excel window, Workbooks, Creating, Opening and Saving a Workbook,
Worksheets, rows, columns, Inserting and Deleting rows and columns, cells, Entering labels, values, and formulas in worksheet, Formatting: Adjusting row height and column width - Formatting cell values, Formulas and Functions: operators used in formula, cell references in formula, Mathematical, Statistical, Logical and Text functions, Charts: Different types of charts, Creating a chart

Unit-V MS Power point

Features of PowerPoint, Parts of PowerPoint window, creating, saving and opening presentation, working with slides: Inserting, deleting, copying slides, editing text, formatting text, Formatting and Modifying Presentations: Applying transition and animation to the slides, inserting music or sound on a slide, viewing slide show.

Note: external practical exams to be conducted for B.Com/B.A (Computer Applications) students on par with B.Sc. (Computer Science) Students



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