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ANU UG 3rd Sem ICT-2 Practice Bits / Important Bits for March 2021 Exams Set-2


Acharya Nagarjuna University Degree 3rd Semester Exams are going to be held in the month of March 2020. ANU Information and Communication Technology-2 Subject is common for all B.A / B.Com / B.Sc / BCA ext.  The question paper model consist of Two parts: 

Part-I: Bits and Matching from 5 Units syllabus. No choice all question should attempt

Part-II: Consist of 8 units from 5 Units, you should answer 5 questions only.

we started a series of important questions set for preparing best for your exam and scoring good marks in your exams. Here first set out of 8 sets.


Here is ICT-2 Practice Bits / Important Bits for March 2021 Exams Set-2

1. Which of the following networking solution is suitable for networking in a building 

a) WAN           b) MAN               c)LAN             d) All of the above

2. Computers on the internet owned and operated by educational institutions form a part of the 

a) .com domain      b) .edu domain         c).mail domain       d) none of the above

3. The server on the internet is also called as

a) Hub              b) Host             c) Gateway               d) Repeater 

4. A user can get files from another computer on the internet by using

a) HTTP                     b) WWW               c) TCP/IP                    d)FTP

5. The communication protocol used by internet is

a) HTTP               b) WWW             c) TCP/IP            d)FTP

6. SMTP is a simple

a) TCP protocol     b) TCP/IP protocol           c) IP protocol         d) None of the above

7. A simple protocol used for fetching E-mail from a mailbox is 

a) POP2            b) POP3             c) IMAP                d) None of the above

8.E-mail address is made up of 

a) Single part            b) Two parts          c) Three parts           d) Four parts

9. An unsolicited E-mail message sent to many recipients at once is called

a) worm               b) virus             c) threat          d) spam

10. DNS in internet terminology stands for   

a) Dynamic Name System                   b) Domain Name System

c) Distributed Name System                d) None of these


SET-A                                                        SET-B

11. Reliable                   a) web Crawler 

12. Convenience           b) There is no requirement of stationary 

13. Global                     c) Search Engine 

14. Gatherer                  d) Notify the sender if E-mail message undeliverables

15. Google                    e) E-Mail can be sent and received across the globe 

 Answers; 11-d, 12-b, 13-e. 14-a, 15-c



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