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Career Options after B.A Degree and Best Choices

Completing graduation is considered to one of the biggest landmarks in the academic career of any student. However, along with the satisfaction of being a qualified graduate degree holder, students are also faced with the big question ‘What After This’, which continues to haunt them until they make their choice. Making an intelligent career choice after graduation is very important because that is what is going to determine the future course of your academic as well as professional career. While all graduates are faced with this problem, Arts graduates, who have completed their BA degree, have this problem at a compounded level.
When it comes to career choices and lucrative job offers, Arts graduates have always felt at a disadvantage. With limited-number of career choices and average job opportunities, arts graduates have always wondered about, what is the right path to build a bright and successful future? The problem is surely a grave one, but things have improved drastically in the recent times for BA students who have completed their graduation degree. Today, BA graduates have several innovative career choices that are not only interesting academically but also offer excellent job opportunities. Despite the growing choices available to Arts graduates, many are still unaware of these new career options available to them. To help them out we have compiled all the traditional as well as new career choices that an Arts Graduate has after completing their BA degree.
Master of Arts / MA

This is probably the most obvious and preferred option for graduates after completing their Bachelor of Arts programme. Master of Arts is the postgraduate level degree programmes that BA graduate can join in order to pursue higher studies in the domain of their choice. All the major universities across India offer MA programmes in a variety of subjects and, therefore, admission are quite easy. MA programmes are also ideal for students who want to continue their further studies by the means of M.Phil and doctorate programmes. MA degrees are also ideal for students who are planning to take up teaching as a profession in future; MA candidates can appear for respective TET/NET examination to be eligible for teaching positions in schools and colleges for their respective subjects.
B.Ed / Bachelor of Education
This again is an ideal academic programme for candidates interested in pursuing a career in education domain. Bachelor of Education degree trains students into teaching pedagogy to be employed while teaching in schools. Apart from providing a theoretical foundation in teaching, the course also provides practical training and aids in the development of teaching skills of the candidates. Students can opt for this programme after completion of their B.A graduation degree. Although, B.Ed degree aids in being appointed as a school teacher, nowadays, candidates also have to appear and clear for TET (Teachers Eligibility Test) to become a teacher in government schools.
Diploma Courses
Diploma courses have also emerged as an important academic programme for BA graduates who want to develop professional skills to aid their career choices. One of the key advantages of joining a diploma programme is that they offer short-term training to students and prepare them to begin their professional job responsibilities. The second and more crucial advantage of opting for diploma programmes is the vast domains they are offered in; students can opt to join diploma courses in animation, film-making, acting, dance, painting, management, computer technology and a variety of other fields after completing their BA graduation degree.

Bachelor of Laws
Another important career option open to BA Graduates is Bachelor of Legislative Law. Fondly called by acronym LLB – this academic programme is for students who want to pursue their career in the legal field. BA graduates can join the LLB course after completing their BA graduation and become practicing lawyers. Apart from this, LLB degree holders can also become legal advisors and attorney in private and governmental agencies. There is also a chance of becoming a judge after clearing the Judicial Services Exam conducted by Public Service Commissions across the country.
MBA (Master of Business Administration)
One of the most popular and sought after career choices available in India today is MBA. The rising popularity of this academic programme can be owed to the lucrative and rewarding career opportunities it offers to the students. MBA programme aims to prepare students to handle complex business problems and become an able business manager in both public as well as private sector organizations. In addition to this, MBA also serves as a foundation for students who want to become an entrepreneur and setup their own business. Arts Graduates can opt for MBA programme by clearing respective MBA entrance examinations; some institutes are also known to offer direct admissions as well.
MSc IT (Master of Science in Information Technology)
This is a niche option available to BA students who have completed their graduation with specialization in mathematics or statistics. While some institutes require candidates to have a science background to pursue this programme, there is a small number of institutes which offer MSc IT programmes to BA Math graduates. MSc IT is a professional degree that aims at helping students to develop a deeper understanding of information technology concepts and also enable them to create new environments for in which IT services can be offered. Currently, Information Technology domain one of the most rapidly growing sector of Indian economy, which clearly indicates that there is no dearth of excellent job opportunities for students who complete MSc IT programme.
These are a few popular career options available to BA Graduates who want to pursue their higher education. Apart from these, there are several other academic programmes in a variety of fields like air-hostesses, hotel management, event management, journalism and others, which Arts graduates can join in order to build a rewarding and lucrative career.
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