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ANU UG 4th Sem Data Structures Imp Questions with Videos Explanation

ANU UG 4th Sem Data Structures Imp Questions with Videos for your external exams. By preparing these questions you can get maximum marks in your external exams. Here we are providing various videos of most important questions.

After watching these videos, If u feel these are useful please  share with your friends. Because these are most useful for everyone.

UNIT-4 (Graphs)

1. Graph representation in Data Structure

2.Breadth first search:

3.Depth first search:

4.MST and Prims and Kruskals Algorithms

6.Topological Sorting (with Examples)

UNIT-5 (Searching and sorting) 

7.Selection sort algorithm

8.Bubble sort algorithm

9.Insertion sort algorithm

10.Merge sort algorithm

11.Merge sort algorithm

12.Quick sort algorithm

13.Linear and Binary search

UNIT-III (Tress)

14.Introduction to Trees

15.Binary Tree and properties

16.Find min and max element in a binary search tree

17.Find height of a binary tree

18.Binary tree traversal: Preorder, Inorder, Postorder

level order

19.Inorder Successor in a binary search tree

20.Delete a node from Binary Search Tree

21. Heap tress and heap sort

UNIT-II (Stack and Queues)

22.Stack Operations Introduction

Stack Operations - PUSH , POP

23.Stack Application Evaluation Of Post Fix Expression

24.Stack Application Evaluation Of Post Fix Expression

25.Queue Operations Introduction

Queue Operations Insert

Queue Operations Delete

26.Priority Queue 


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