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ANU UG B.Com 6th Sem Marketing Important Questions

ANU UG B.Com 6th Sem Marketing Important Questions are now available. These questions are prepared by top examiners of, by preparing these questions you can get a maximum of 70 marks in your external exams. Best of luck.

UNIT-I (Introduction)
  1. Define the term marketing.Explain briefly different concepts of marketing.[ANU 19]
  2. What is marketing? Explain the importance and objectives of marketing.
  3. What is market? What is marketing? Also explain the scope of marketing.[ANU 18]
  4. Discuss briefly the 4p's of marketing.
  5. What do you mean by marketing? How do you classify markets?
  6. Define the terms 'Market', 'Marketing', and 'Selling'. Distinguish between marketing and selling.
  7. What us environment? How do define Indian marketing environment? What are its components?
  8. What is the nature if marketing environment? Explain the procedure of marketing environment analysis.[ANU 19]
  9. What is environment? What forces determine external marketing environment? Discuss.
  10. Explain controllable and uncontrollable marketing environmental factors.
  11. What is marketing environment? Explain the internal factors that affecting market environment.[ANU 18]
  12. What do you understand by the concept of societal marketing? Explain in detail.
UNIT-II (Consumer Markets and Buyer Behaviour)
  1. Evaluate the process involved in buying decisions.
  2. What is market segmentation? What are its advantages and limitations? What are basis of market segmentation?[ANU 18]
  3. What is market segmentation? Explain its objectives.[ANU 18]
  4. Write about the segmentation basis for consumer markets.
  5. What is consumer behaviour? State the determinations of consumer behaviour.
  6. What do you understand by consumer behaviour? Explain the steps to be followed in consumer decision making.
  7. What do you understand by the word buying behaviour? In what way it will affect buying decision process?[ANU 18]
  8. Explain different types of buying behaviour.
  9. Differentiate between a consumer and buyer behaviour.
  10. Define the term " buyer behaviour". What is the significance of  consumer behaviour study.[ANU 18]
  11. What is buying behaviour? Explain the stages in buying behaviour.
  12. What is market segmentation? Explain the stages in buying decision process.
UNIT-III (Product Management)
  1. Explain briefly the process of developing new products.
  2. What is Brand equality? How is it built and maintained? Explain.
  3. Define branding? Role and characteristics of branding?
  4. Explain the reasons for failure of new product.
  5. What is packaging? Explain the functions of packaging.
  6. Define product life cycle. What are its major implications, merits and limitations? Explain the strategies followed at each stage of product cycle.[ANU 18]
  7. Discuss in detail product packaging objectives and strategies.[ANU 18]
  8. Explain product planning and development strategy.[ANU 19]
  9. What are the essentials of good packaging? What are packaging decisions? [ANU 19,18] 
  10. What are the various product management decisions taken by a manager.
  11. What do you understand by a product? Discuss its characteristics.
  12. What is product innovation? How will you manage innovation successfully?
UNIT-IV (Pricing Decision)
  1. Write in detail about penetrating pricing with the help of an example.
  2. Outline the factors which are influencing price determination.
  3. What are price differentials? How they used to the benefit the marketers?
  4. What do you mean by advertising? Explain the functions of advertising?
  5. What are different methods of pricing policy? Explain any two methods of differences?
  6. What is pricing? What factors influence pricing?[ANU 19]
  7. What is pricing? What are the major objectives of pricing? [ANU 18,19]
  8. What is pricing strategy? Explain its components.[ANU 18]
  9. Explain the differences between skimming and penetration pricing.
  10. What are the factors influencing price of a product?
  11. Enumerate the internal factors that influence the pricing of products by a company.
  12. Explain merits and demerits of pricing Methods.
  13. Appropriate pricing methods are important for success of pricing decision. Comment. Also explain popular pricing methods.[ANU 19]

UNIT-V (Promotion and Distribution)
  1. Explain promotion Mix.
  2. What are distribution channels? Explain their role and importance in marketing.
  3. What is promotion and promotion mix? Discuss various factors that determine promotion mix.[ANU 18]
  4. Illustrate principles and functions of marketing channels.[ANU 18]
  5. What is a retailer? What are the functions and types of retailers?
  6. What are the advantages and limitations of personal selling?
  7. What is advertising? What are its functions?
  8. Outline the need and significance of advertising.
  9. What are the functions of wholesalers?
  10. What are the functions of channels of distribution?
  11. What do you understand by intermediaries? Explain the types of intermediaries.
  12. What do you understand by marketing channels? Explain the principles and role of marketing channels?
  13. Define Advertising? Discuss advantages and limitations.
  14. What is public relations and personal selling? In what way they are different from each other?[ANU 19]
  15. Discuss factors governing the channel choice.[ANU 19]
Short Answer Questions
  1. Need of marketing. [ANU 18]
  2. Importance of market segmentation. [ANU 18]
  3. Elements of branching. [ANU 18]
  4. Pricing policies. [ANU 18]
  5. Rationality of direct marketing. [ANU 18]
  6. 4p's of marketing. [ANU 18]
  7. Consumer marketing. [ANU 18]
  8. What is labeling. [ANU 18]
  9. Nature of marketing. [ANU 19]
  10. What are the elements of marketing-mix? Discuss in brief.[ANU 19]
  11. What is consumer behaviour?[ANU 19]
  12. Benefits of segmentation.[ANU 19]
  13. Steps in new product development.[ANU 19]
  14. Going rate pricing.[ANU 19]
  15. Give any three advantages of online marketing.[ANU 19]
  16. Need for communication. [ANU 19]


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