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ANU UG B.Com(CA) 5th Sem Business Leadership Important Questions

ANU UG B.Com(CA) 5th Sem Business Leadership Important Questions or previous question papers are now available. Nagarjuna university degree important questions for Business Leadership.

 UNIT-I (Introductory)
  1. What are the qualities required to be a good leader?
  2. Explain briefly the theories of leadership.
  3. Explain different styles of leadership.
  4. What is significance of leadership in business and management.
  5. Explain nature and characteristics of business leadership.
  6. Explain the applicability of various styles of leadership.
  7. What do you understand by the term "leadership"? Enumerate it's important characteristics.[ANU-19,18]
  8. Explain the functions of leader.[ANU-19]
  9. Define leadership. Discuss the nature, functions and key elements of leadership.[ANU-17]
  10. Explain briefly about any two leadership styles.[ANU-17]

UNIT-II (Decision Making and Leadership)

  1. Explain the role of a leader in motivating staff in an organization[ANU-19]
  2. Discuss the relationship between leadership practices and organizational performance.[ANU-18]
  3. Explain the steps in decision making process. [ANU-18]
  4. What are leadership practices? Discuss.[ANU-19]
  5. Define term"group'? Describe various types of group and its features.[ANU-19,18]
  6. What is decision-Making? Explain various steps in the process of decision marking.[ANU-19]
  7. "Good leadership is to enhance organizational performance" . Is it true. if yes give your justification.[ANU-19]
  8. Define term "Power and influence, what are the different types of power"? Explain.[ANU-19]
  9. why as a leader, need to understand cultural differences and diversity in the workplaces.[ANU-19]
  10. Explain the impact of power on leadership practices[ANU-18].
  11. Explain the process of decision making.[ANU-17]
  12. What do you understand by organizational change? Explain the dimensions of change.[ANU-17]Explain the concept of leadership for sustainability.[ANU-17]
UNIT-III ( Special Topics)

ANU Business Leadership Previous Question papers

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