Thursday 28 February 2019

ANU UG B.Com (CA) 6th Sem Accounting Software Important Questions {TM / EM}

ANU UG B.Com (CA) 6th Sem Accounting Software Important Questions in Telugu and English medium are now available. Here you can get all degree 6th sem important questions for B.A, B.Com, B.Sc and Top-3 guess papers prepared by top experienced examiners.

New Question Paper Pattern:

     As per the official model paper posted on, one question is compulsory given in question paper. Question paper consists of 8 question and you need to answer any five. Each question carries 10 marks. 5x10=50 marks . Here is our expectation how questions are appeared.

UNIT-I - 3 Questions

UNIT-II- 2 Questions

UNIT-III- 3 Questions

UNIT-I ( Accounting software packages)

1. What is accounting software package? Write about some popular accounting software packages (OR)
    Write about (a) Tally, (b) Wings, (c) Busy, (d) Spreadsheet accounting software packages (OR) 
     Explain about accounting packages.
2. Discuss about MS-Excel as accounting Tool
3. Discuss about Excel Function Wizard.
4. Discuss about auditing tools in excel. (OR) Write about auditing features in Excel.
5.  Discuss about selective applications for accounts.
6. Explain the brief history of tally accounting software.
7. What is Tally accounting software? Also state its major and key features.

UNIT-II ( Financial Accounting Software)

 1. What is Financial Accounting Software? Explain its uses.
 2. What is voucher? Explain different types of vouchers in Tally.
 3. What is Journal Proper. Explain the procedure of preparing journal proper.
 4. Discuss about creating, altering, and deletion of Ledgers in Tally.
 5. Write about trial balance. List the steps in the preparation of trial balance with the held of tally.
 6. Explain about Final Accounts.

UNIT-III ( Applications of Spreadsheet Software)

1. Write about different Applications of Spreadsheet Software
2. What so you understand by spread sheet? Explain the various steps in creation of spreadsheet.
3. What is accounting processing? Discuss the various steps of basic accounting process.
4. What is budget? How to prepare flexible budget? What is the significance of flexible budget?
5. Explain profit and loss statement? Also list the various steps in the preparation of projected profit and loss account.
6. What is projected balance sheet? Also list various steps in projected balance sheet.
7. What is budget? How to prepare production budget?
8. What is budget? How to prepare cash budget?

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