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ANU UG B.Com (Res) 6th Sem Tally Unit Wise Important Questions

ANU UG B.Com (Res) 6th Sem Tally Unit Wise Important Questions are now available, by reading these questions you get good and maximum marks. Here you can also get tally material for 5 units in both Telugu and English medium.

What are the expected Questions from each unit?

                  According to the model paper placed on the official nagarjuna university website, you can get TWO question from each unit compulsory.However, last year March 2018, the question paper is given as shorts and essay questions.

 What is Tally? 

                      Tally is a accounting software developed by tally Solutions which facilitates the management of their accounts efficiently. To solve any problem using tally, we are following three steps.
  1. Creating / Setup a company
  2. Ledger Creation / Necessary accounts.
  3. Voucher entry / real accounts.

UNIT-I ( Introduction To Tally)
  1. What is Tally? Write advantages and Features of Tally EPR 9.
  2. Write about Terminology related to Tally EPR 9.
  3. Explain the differences between Manual Accounting and computerized accounting.
  4. Write about different tally versions.

UNIT-II ( Introduction to Tally Software)
  1. How to starts and Quit Tally software? Explain.
  2. Write about various steps involved in solving problem using Tally EPR 9.
  3. How to create / Setup, alter, and display a company in Tally EPR 9.
  4. Write about accounting information and gateway of Tally EPR 9.
  5. What is Group? What are pre-defined groups in Tally? Explain.
  6. How to create new groups and sub groups? Explain.
  7. How to create, alter, display groups in Tally EPR 9.

UNIT-III ( Ledgers)
  1. What are ledgers? Explain different types of Ledgers in Tally EPR 9.
  2. How to create, alter, and display ledgers in Tally EPR 9.
  3. Explain creation of single and multiple ledgers in Tally EPR 9.
  4. Write about ledgers and their group allocation.

UNIT-IV ( Vouchers)
  1. What is Voucher? Explain different types of vouchers in Tally EPR 9.
  2. How to Record, alter, delete, and display Vouchers in Tally EPR 9?
  3. How to create and customize new Voucher Types in Tally EPR 9?
  4. Explain different types of Vouchers in Tally EPR 9 with their entries.
  5. How to enter contra, Journal, debit and credit vouchers in Tally EPR 9?

UNIT-V ( Final Accounts)
  1. Explain the procedure of customizing the final accounts.
  2. Write about keyboard shortcuts in Tally EPR 9.


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