Wednesday, 25 April 2018

ANU Introducing "Instant & Adv.Supply Exams in UG / Degree Sem Exams" - Say's VC ?

As per the Decisions made in ANU Academic CNET meting, Nagarjuna University going to conduct instant exam for Degree final Year students and advanced supplementary for the students who have backlogs in all semesters.  Like Year wise instant exam at the end of 3 Years course ( after release of 3 year results) the 3 year in semester exam also have instant exam for final year students.

UG 6th Semester Regular March 2018 Exams Results expected soon

Here are Rules and Regulations:

1. The students who are passed all subjects in 2 Years four semesters and Have one subject in 5th sem and one subject in 6th sem are eligible to write instant exam Held in the month of May every year.

2. Those who have more than one subject in 3 Year 5th, 6th semester OR Backlogs from previous semesters are not eligible for writing instant exam. Such students are eligible to write Advanced supply exams held in the month of June / July every year and the advanced supply is for only 5th and 6th semesters irrespective number of backlog subjects.

3. There is no separate supply exam for year wise students in month of May / June.

4. The students who are admitted in 2015-16 are eligible for instant and advanced supply exams. 

News Update: 07.03.2018

 Note: As per the information we got today, there may be chance to conduct the advanced supply for all semesters. If it is possible they are commencement from 03.06.2018 



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