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ANU UG 3rd Sem ICT-2 Oct 2017 Exams Question Paper With Answers

Nagarjuna University ANU UG 3rd Sem ICT-2 Oct 2017 Exams Question Paper With Answers now available. Here you can check answers for all multiple answer questions and essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The process of transforming file from a computer on the internet to your computer is called

a) Uploading   b) Forwarding  c) FTP    d) Downloading

 2. In Internet terminology IP means

  a) Internet Provider  b) Internet Protocol c) Internet Procedure d) Internet Processor

3. Which of these is not a social network

a) Weibo   b) Vkontakte c) Ektorp d) Renrem

4. Amazon is a best example of _______________ site

a) Entertainment   b) Blogging    c) Social networking  d) E-Commerce 

5.  E-Mail address is made up of

a) One Part  b) Two Parts  c) Three Parts  d) Four Parts

6. The server on the internet is also known as

a) Hub       b) Host        c) Gateway  d) Repeater

7. Internet explorer falls under

a) Operating System b) Compiler c) Browser d) IP Address

8. A web page displays a picture. What tag was used to display that picture

a) Picture    b) Image c) Img d) Scr

9. HTML is used to create

a) machine language program b) high level program c) web page d) web server

10. Which one of the following is not a search engine?

a) BING   b) Google  c) Yahoo d) Windows

Match the following 

A                                                B                   

a) Social network     5                 i) Boot infection
b)IRC                       4              ii) Post office protocol
c)Font tag attribute    3                iii) size, color, face
d)POP3                     2               iv) Internet relay chart
e) VIRUS                  1                v) Facebook

Answer Any five questions of the following 

12. what is internet applications? Explain each one
                 You can write different types of service available on internet.

13. Explain different types of browsers.
                Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, ext.. 

14. What are the advantages of social network?

15 .Explain E-mail features.

16. Write on E-Mail Inner Working and E-Mail Operations

17. Explain the web terminology.

18. Write an HTML Program to create table.

19 What are formatting tags in HTML.

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