Thursday, 14 September 2017

Guidelines Relating to Project Work for B.Com (General) Degree Course V Semester / VI Semester in Banking / Insurance / Retailing / Taxation

Project work / Report may be prepared in the following modes

a) Internship- Students may be sent to organizations, they will be assigned some role in the organization. They have to complete their task with the help of organization employees and prepare the project report based on their work experience.

b) Assistance in organization – Students may assist LIC agents / Super market etc. based on the organization selected for study. They may submit the project report based on the industrial / Any Part time Job experience.
c) based on primary data .
d) Based on secondary sources
e) Experimental commercial activity (Startups) eg: Kirana, Pan shop, hotel etc

  • Project evaluation may be done in accordance with scheme of evaluation. However valuators may adjudge some innovative projects judiciously.
  • One student / up to five students has/have to undertake a project work individually or as group under the supervision of a teacher.
  • Language of the Project Report and Viva-Voce examination may be in English / Telugu.
  • Failure to submit the Project Report or failure to appear the Viva- Voce examination will be treated as ‘Absent’in the examination. He / she has to submit the project Report and appear at the Viva-Voce examination in the subsequent years ( within the time period as per acharya Nagarjuna University
  • It is mandatory to submit Project Report and attend Viva-Voce examination
  • Last date for submission of fifth Semester Project Report for this academic year
  • only:
             a)Without any fine: On before September 15th 2017.
             b) With fine : 20th September, 2017.



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