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ANU UG / Degree B.Con (CA) 3rd Semester Office Automation Tools(OAT) Important Questions

ANU UG / Degree B.Con (CA) 3rd Semester Office Automation Tools(OAT) Important Questions for all units are now available. The candidates can prepare these questions to get good marks. The question paper is for 75 marks, consists of 8 questions and you need to answer any 5 question, each question carries 15 marks.Note: First Read PREVIOUS YEAR questionS


  1. Explain important features of MS Excel [AU-17-18,BRAU-17-18,AKNU-17,ANU-17-18-19]
  2. Explain the parts of the worksheet with the help of the diagram. [AU-17,BRAU-18]
  3. Explain entering and editing number,formula in Excel.[BRAU-17-18,AKNU-18,ANU-19]
  4. What is cell reference? Explain different types of cell Reference Techniques in Excel.[BRAU-18,AKNU-18]
  5. Write about auto format and custom format.
  6. What is auto fill and custom fill? [BRAU-17,AKNU-17,ANU-17,AU-18]
  7. Write about Various printing options in Excel. [AU-17,BRAU-17,AKNU-18]
  8. Write about Number formatting in Excel.[AKNU-17]
  9. Explain the applications of MS Excel.[KRU-18]
Chapter-I ( Formatting Options)
  1. Explain different types of formatting techniques / Options in Excel /format menu [AU-17, BRAU-17,AU-18,KRU-18]
  2. Explain the following 
 a) Changing row, column Height and width.
         b) Inserting row and column.
        c) Deleting row and column.
        d) Hiding row and column.
    3. How formulas react to worksheet design.
    4. How to use format painter option in Excel. [AKNU-18]
    5. Write short note on Auto format in MS Excel. [AU-17]
    6. Explain working with formulas in MS Excel.[KRU-18]

Chapter-II (Functions)
  1. Explain the use of function wizard in Excel.
  2. what is function? What are advantages of function?[AKNU-18,ANU-18]
  3. What are operators? Explain with examples. [BRAU-17,AKNU-17,AU-18]
  4. Explain various categories of functions with examples. [AU-17,BRAU-17,AKNU-17, ANU-17-19, KRU-17]
  5. Explain various date and time functions in MS Excel.[AU-18]
  6. Write an examples for "statistical and math" functions in Excel.[BRAU-18] 
  7. Explain about lookup and reference functions in excel.[AKNU-18]

Chapter-I ( Charts)
  1. What is Chart? Explain different types of charts available in Excel. [AU-17,AKNU-17-18, ANU-17]
  2. Write about different components / parts of chart in Excel. [ANU-17]
  3. Explain the use of chart wizard in creating charts instantly.[AKNU-17,BRAU-18,ANU-18,KRU-18]
  4. What are the different editing operations on chart? Explain.[KRU-17,ANU-18]
  5. What is data map in Excel? Explain.[AU-18,AKNU-18,ANU-18]
  6. How to create and place graphics in Excel? Explain.[ANU-18]
  7. How to sort excel data / database? Explain. [BRAU-17]
  8. Explain about the auto filter feature in Excel.[AU-18,AKNU-18]
  9. How to add sub totals to Excel database.[BRAU-18,AKNU-18,KRU-18,ANU-19]
  10. What is scenario? How to define and view them? How to obtain scenario in Excel. [AU-18]
  11. Write about What-If Analysis method.[BRAU-17,ANU-17]
Chapter-II ( Macros)
  1. What is Macro? Explain various Advantages of Macros in MS Excel. [AU-17-18,BRAU-18,ANU-18]
  2. What is Macro in Excel? How to create, run, edit, view and delete Macros in Excel? [BRAU-17,KRU-17,AKNU-18,ANU-19]

  1. Write about different features of MS-Access.[AU-18,BRAU-18]
  2. Describe access work space and tools available within it. [BRAU-17,KRU-17-18,AU-18,ANU-18]
  3. Explain the procedure to create database by using the table wizard.[ANU-17,KRU-17,AKNU-18]
  4. Explain the procedure to create database by without using the table wizard /design view. [BRAU-17, KRU-17-18]
  5. Explain various data types available in MS Access. [AU-17,BRAU-17,AKNU-17]
  6. Write about importing VS linking tables.[ANU-19]
  7. Write a procedure to add and delete fields, renaming the fields in a table?[BRAU-18]
  8. Explain the procedure to create form by using the Form wizard. [AU-17,AKNU-17-18,ANU-19]
  9. Explain the procedure to create form by without using the wizard.
  10. Explain how to modify a form in Access.
  11. What are the various sections of form. [AKNU-18]
  12. Explain how to create a chart using chart wizard in Access.

  1. What are queries and dynasty? How to create / design query. [AU-17,ANU-17,KRU-17,BRAU-18,ANU-18]
  2. Write a short note on select query in MS Access.[AU-18]
  3. How to do multilevel sorts suing quires in Access?[VSU-18]
  4. How to find incomplete matches in a query of Access?[BRAU-18,AKNU-18]
  5. How to save queries for later use in Access.[ANU-18,KRU-18]
  6. What are cross tab quires? How to build to build them? [AU-18,ANU-18]
  7. How to create reports in Access.[BRAU-17,KRU-18]
  8. Describe different sections of a report. [KRU-17]
  9. How to create Mailing Labels in MS Access.
  10. Database Printing. [ANU-17]
  11. How to modify reports manually.
  12. Write about Flat files Vs Relation Database.[AKNU-17,ANU-17-19]
  13. What is Relation explain different types of Relations. [AU-17-18, BRAU-17,ANU-19]
  14. How to define, view, deleting and redefining relations in Access.[AKNU-17-18,ANU-18]
  15. What is referential integrity constraint in Access? Explain.[AU-18]
  16. What is primary key and foreign key in MS Access.[AU-18]



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