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ANU UG Degree 3rd Year 5th Semester Syllabus for BA / B.Com / B.Sc

ANU UG Degree 3rd Year 5th Semester Syllabus for B.Com / B.Sc is now available. Here you can get all nagarjuna university degree syllabus, previous papers, model papers, materials ext.. You can also get detailed information about exams fee notifications, timetables, results ext...
         Total 5th Semester is about 650 marks and there are no language papers in both 5th and 6th semester of 3rd year degree courses. You need to do one field work in each semester of 3rd year either as Project work or filed visit. The first paper ( Skill Based course) is 50 Marks and you have Three subjects as choice. you can select any one subject.( Note: Subject selection is made by university to conduct exams smoothly).

Note: Syllabus is changing regularly. We will update as soon as possible. Conform before proceeding. Last updated 25.07.2017
B.Com CA (650 Marks)

Business Leadership

2. Cost Accounting

3 Taxation (Updated)

4 Commercial Geography

5 Programming in C

6 Data Base Management System.        
7 Web Technology 

B.Com(General) (600 Marks)

1.Cost Accounting

2.Goods & Service Tax Fundamentals (Updated)

3.Commercial Geography

 Note: 1.The syllabus for Taxation, Goods and Service Tax fundamentals are different

Be followed any one of the following 4 clusters offered by the University in V semester
for 3rd B.Com cluster electives.

1. Elective DSC – 1F/ Inter-disp - Banking and Financial Services
a. 5.5 Central Banking
b. 5.6 Rural and Farm Credit
c. 5.7 Project Work – Rural Credit survey/ Banking operations/ Credit Appraisal.
2. Elective DSC – 2F/Inter - Insurance
a. 5.5 Life Insurance
b. 5.6 Non-Life Insurance
c. 5.7 Project Work - Working with Insurance Companies/Development Officers/Agents on Policies
            & Documentation.
3. Elective DSC-3F/Inter-disp - Retailing
a. 5.5 Purchase Management
b. 5.6 Stores Management
c. 5.7 Project Work - Survey on Rural producers / Retailing Practices (Kirana)
4. No Change in the subject of Taxation Syllabus.
a. 5.5 Assessment of Tax: Individual, HUF and Partnership
b. 5.6 Corporate Taxation

That the colleges has to opt Two theory papers and One project work in 5th Semester from one elective cluster out of 4 above and shall continue the same elective cluster in 6th semester also.

  For Example: 5th Semester- College opts - Banking and financial services
                      6th semester -Also opt same cluster - Banking and financial services

The project work is for 100 marks. 25 Marks are given as internal assessment and 75 marks as external assessment. The project is individual for each student or a group of 5 members can do the same project.

B.Sc ( MPC-MPCS-MSCS--600 Marks)


1.Cell Biology, Genetics & Plantbreeding (B5)

2.Plant Ecology & Phytogeography (B6)


1.Animal Biotechnology (Z5)

2.Animal Husbandry (Z6)


1.Electricity, Magnetism& Electronics

2.Modern Physics


1.Ring Theory & Vector Calculus

2.Linear Algebra

1. Sampling Techniques and Design of Experiments (S5)

2.Quality and Reliability (S6)


1.Inorganic ,Organic and Physical Chemistry (C5)

2.Inorganic ,Organic and Physical Chemistry (C6)

Computers Science:

1. Database Management Systems

2. Software Engineering


1.Computer Applications (Common for B.SC CS)



5.Human Resource Management

7.Local Self Government

8.Mathematics [Common for BA/BSc] with model papers

9.Political Science

10.Psychology with model papers

11.Public Administration

12.Social Work


15.Special Telugu with Model Papers

16.Statistics(Maths Combination)with model papers [common for BA/BSC]


Note: Syllabus is changing regularly. We will update as soon as possible. Conform before proceeding. Last updated 25.07.2017

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