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ANU UG 2nd Sem ICT-I Bits and Important Questions For B.A / B.Com / B.Sc

ANU Information and Communication Technology-I Bits, ICT-I bits for BA / B.Sc / B.Com ext all groups of UG / Degree 1st year 2nd semester students are now available. By preparing these one cane answer a maximum of 14 questions out of 15 questions.
                   Recently ICT Questions paper model is changed. The question paper consists of Two sections. The section-A carries multiple choice questions including a matching consisting of 15 questions. The section-B carries 8 questions and you need to answer only 5 questions. Here you can get bits and important questions for external semester exams.

 Note: These Questions and Pattern Only for 2016 Admitted Batch on wards Only

Important Questions:

  1. What is Computer? Explain the block diagram of a digital computer.
  2. What is computer? Write various characteristics and applications of computer.
  3. Write about different types of input and output devices.
  4. Explain different types of computers / Classification of computers.
  5. What are the non-impact printers? Explain each one.
  6. What are the limitations of computer? 
  7. Explain various types of printers.

  1. Write about different types of memory devices.
  2. Write about different types of software's.
  3. Write about different types of Operating Systems.
  4. Explain about Cache Memory.
  5. Write about control panel.
  6. Explain functions of Operating System.
  7. Explain any Five DOS Internal and External Commands.
  8. What are the features of windows operating system?
  9. Write about a) Desktop b) Recycle Bin c) control panel
  10. Discuss various elements of desktop and control panel.
  1. With a neat diagram explain different parts of MS Word window.
  2. Write about features of Ms-Word
  3. Explain how to add header, footer, page numbers in MS Word.
  4. What is a Table? What are the various ways to create a table in Word? Explain.
  5. Explain table auto format in MS Word.
  6. Write about mail merge in Word.
  7. What are the options in the FONT dialog box. (OR)
  8. How do you format your document? Explain with the help of dialog box.
  9. Write the procedure to check spelling and grammar.
  10. Explain the steps to insert symbols,equations, and shapes in MS Word. 
  11. Explain about text formatting tools in MS Word. 
  12. How to crate page borders and shadings.
  1. Write about various methods to create Power point presentation.
  2. Features of Power Point / Overviews of Power Point.
  3. How to add multimedia objects to Power point presentation? Explain.
  4. Explain Transition and Build effects in Power point presentation.
  5. Write about custom animation Power point presentation.
  6. Explain how to resizing and scaling of an object in MS PowerPoint.
  7. How to insert, delete slides in MS PowerPoint?
  8. Explain various  types of views of slide in MS PowerPoint.
  1. Explain the features of MS Excel in detail.
  2. Explain various components of MS Excel worksheet window.
  3. Write steps to create a new worksheet, selecting text and entering and editing text.
  4. How to create formula Excel? Explain with an example.
  5. Explain how to enter and edit text, numbers, formulas in Excel? Explain.
  6. Explain Inserting and deleting rows and columns. 
  7. Explain the steps to change the column widths and row heights in MS Excel.
  8. What is Cell Reference? Explain different cell reference techniques in Excel.
  9. Explain different types of functions in Excel.
  10. Explain formatting in Excel.
ANU ICT-1 Official Model Question Paper Here Download Here 

ANU ICT-1 Multiple Choice Questions for UNIT-3,4,5 Download Here

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