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ANU ICT ( Information Communication Technology) Unit Wise Important Question For Supply Exams

Here are the ICT ( Information Communication Technology) Unit Wise Important Question for 1st year 2nd semester supply exams March 2017. The examinations are going to be held from 16.03.2017 and  So, By prepare the following questions, you can get good marks in external exams.

           The Question papers is for 50 Marks contains two sections. Section-A consists of 8 questions and you need to answer Five question among these. For each question you have two marks. In section-B from each unit you have internal choice and each question carries 8 Marks.

Section-A ( 5x2=10 Marks) and Section-B ( 5x8=40 Marks) Total 50 Marks.

Note: These Questions are for 2015 Admitted Batch Only.

Basics of Computers

8 Marks Questions.

  1. Define Computer? Write the characteristics of computers.
  2. Explain computer organization or explain block diagram of a computer.
  3. Explain different types of computers based on their size.
  4. What is OS? Explain Basic functions of Operating systems.
  5. Define OS? Write different types of Operating systems.
  6. Explain DOS Internal and External Commands with Examples.
  7. What is control panel? Write options available in it.
  8. Explain Input and Output Devices.
  9. Explain different types of Memory Devices Or storage Devices.

2 Marks Questions.

  1. What you mean by Cache memory.
  2. Write any four differences between system software and application software.
  3. What you mean by the words Fireware and peopleware.
  4.  Write the differences between MS-DOS and Windows Operating Systems
  5. What are the Icons Available on Windows Desktop?
  6. What is Recycle Bits? What is the purpose of it?

MS Word

8 Marks Questions.

  1. Explain the Basic features of MS Word.
  2. With a Neat diagram, explain different parts of MS Word window components.
  3. Explain different Edit menu options.
  4. What are Headers and Footer ? Explain how to create different headers and footers in Word.
  5. What is Table? Explain Inserting/Drawing Tables in MS Word.
  6. What is Mail Merge? Write Basic steps to create mail merge.

2 Marks Questions.

  1. How to format table using Table Auto format ?
  2. How to insert , Delete row and columns in a tables ?
  3. How to give Page Borders and Shading to a word document?
  4. How to insert page numbers, shapes, word art, equations ?
  5. Write any four options of Spelling and Grammar checker.
  6. What do you mean by the word 'Thesaurus'?
  7. How to objects are Draw in Word ?

MS Power Point Presentation 

8 Marks Questions.

  1. Explain the features of Power Point Presentation.
  2. Write the procedure to create a new presentation using Auto Content Wizard
  3. Write the procedure to create a new presentation using a Blank Presentation 
  4. Write the procedure to create a new presentation using  Templates or Design Templates 
  5. How to insert text and graphics in Power Point Presentation ? Explain.
  6. What are Transactions and Build effects in Power Point Presentation ? Explain.
  7. How to customize a presentation in Power Point Presentation? Explain 

2 Marks Questions.

  1. How to Insert a new slide and Delete a slide in Power Point Presentation?
  2. How to insert Audio, video, pictures in Power Point Presentation?
  3. How to insert slide numbers in Power Point Presentation?
  4. How to insert other objects in Power Point Presentation?

MS Excel

8 Marks Questions.

  1. What is Spread sheet? Write the features of Spread sheet.
  2. Explain a) Entering and Editing Text, Numbers, Formals.
  3. What is Cell Reference? Explain different cell reference methods.
  4. What is function? Explain different types of functions available in MS Excel.
  5. What is Chart? What is its purpose? Explain different types of Charts.
  6. Explain different ways of creating chart in MS Excel

2 Marks Questions.

  1. How to create new worksheet?
  2. How to insert Rows/Columns and How change row height and column width?
  3. What is Auto Format? 
  4. How to sort excel cell data and database?
  5. How to file excel data and database?
  6. What are differences between sorting and filtering?
  7. How to print chart elements?
  8. How to delete chart?   


8 Marks Questions.

  1. What is Data base? What are the advantages of data base management system?
  2. Write the features of MS ACCESS.
  3. Write the procedure how to create a new Table/Data base with and without wizard.
  4. Explain different types of data types available in Access ? Also write properties of each data types.
  5. What is Query? How to create them or design them? Explain.
  6. What are Dyna sets? How to reformat them? Explain.
  7. What is Relation? How to create relation? How to Delete Relation? How to view them?

2 Marks Questions.

  1. What are the different sections of a Form?
  2.  How to print form elements?
  3. How to sort Access database?
  4. How to find incomplete matches?
  5. What are wild card characters?
  6. What are different types of relations?
  7. what is primary key? How to set them?
  8. What is Indexing? What is its purpose?
  9. In How many ways we can query in Access.

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