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ANU UG B.Com 4th Sem Accounting for Service Organizations (ASO) Important Questions

ANU UG B.Com 4th Sem Accounting for Service Organizations (ASO) Important Questions are now available. These questions are prepared by top examiners of, By preparing these questions you can get a maximum of 70 marks in your external exams.

UNIT-I (Non-Trading / Service Organizations)
  1. Explain companies Act 2013.
  2. Explain non trading concerns.
  3. Explain different provisions as per Sec 2013, Sec (8) of the companies act regarding non profit organizations.[ANU 19]
  4. What are the Non profit organizations? Explain its features.[ANU 19]
  5. What is service organization? Briefly explain about various types of service organizations.[ANU 17]
  6. Briefly explain about the process for registration of non-profit making company under companies Act 2013.
  7. What are the other provisions of companies Act, 2013 under section (8).
  8. Explain the features of Receipts and Payments account of service organization.[ANU 18]
  9. Explain the following (i) Legacy (ii) Examples of capital expenditure. [ANU 18]
  10. What are the legal provisions relating to preparation of accounts of service organization?[ANU 17]
UNIT-II ( Electricity Supply Companies)



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