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ANU UG 3rd Sem ICT-2 Practice Bits / Important Bits for March 2021 Exams Set-4


Acharya Nagarjuna University Degree 3rd Semester Exams are going to be held in the month of March 2020. ANU Information and Communication Technology-2 Subject is common for all B.A / B.Com / B.Sc / BCA ext.  The question paper model consist of Two parts: 

Part-I: Bits and Matching from 5 Units syllabus. No choice all question should attempt

Part-II: Consist of 8 units from 5 Units, you should answer 5 questions only.

we started a series of important questions set for preparing best for your exam and scoring good marks in your exams. Here 4th set out of 8 sets.


Here is ICT-2 Practice Bits / Important Bits for March 2021 Exams Set-4

1. The acronym for FTP stands for 

a) File Transfer Protocol         b) Fast Transfer protocol 

c) File tracing protocol           d) File transfer procedure 

2. The difference between  the people having access to computer and the internet and those without this access is known as

a) Internet divide         b) web divide         c) Digital Divide           d) Broadband divide

3. which one of the following is not an/a image/graphic file format

a) PNG        b) GIF         e) BMP      d)GUI

4.Which one of the following is an open source software?

a) MS Word     b) windows    c)  Mozilla Firefox     d) Acrobat Writer 

5. You need to send am executive summary of 12 pages of a report 120 pages on ICT in college education to 20 experts in the filed by E-Mail. Identify the appropriate sequence from the following steps:

i) E-Mail Id

ii) Attachment 

iii) Send

iv) Compose

Choose correct option from below

a) i, ii,iii and iv         b)iv, i, ii, and iii            c)iii, iv, i and ii          d) iv, ii,i and iii

6. Internet and world wise web are

a) One and the same

b) Internet is part of world wise web

c) World wide web is part of the internet

d) None of the above

7. You got a mail telling you that you won one million dollars in a lottery. Then you should do

a) It is time to celebrate and respond to the mail

b) Forward the mail to your friend 

c) Suspect it could be tricking you and report it as spam 

d) No action

8. IP Address are converted to

a) A hierarchy of domain names

b) Alpha numeric sting

c) A binary string 

d) A hexadecimal string

9. Which one of the following is a term for an audio or  video recording posted on a web site that can be downloaded and played later.

a) Podcast     b) Blog    c) VoIP         d) RSS Feed

10. Which organization releases the annual global ICT data and ICT Development index currently Ranking. 

 a) ITU   b) UNESCU       c) ISE       D) NESCOM



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