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ANU UG / Degree 1st Sem Tourism Guidance Material, Text Books Download


 ANU UG / Degree 1st Sem Tourism Guidance is a skill development course introduced from the academic Year 2021-22 under Revised CBCS-2020 guidelines. The main aim of introducing this subject is By successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

1.Understand the basic tourism aspects 

2.Comprehend the requirements, role and responsibilities of profession of a Tourist Guide

3.Apply the knowledge acquired in managing different groups and guiding in a tour 

4.Explain basic values related to tourism and heritage.

The following is the syllabus for Three Units:

Unit I: 

Tourism –What is Tourism -Characteristics of Tourist Places –Guidance in Tourism -Meaning of Guidance–Types of Tour Guidance-Government/Department Regulations.

Unit II: 

Types of Guides –Characteristics of a Guide -Duties and Responsibilities of a Guide -The Guiding Techniques–Guide’s personality-Training Institutions –License.Leadership and Social Skills -Presentation and Communication Skills -Working with different agenda linguistic groups -Working under difficult circumstances –Precautions at the site -Relationship with Fellow Guide sand Officials.

Unit III: 

Guest Relationship Management-Personification-Arrangements to Tourists –Coordinating transport -VISA/Passport-Accident/Death -Handling Guests with Special Needs/ Different Abilities –Additional skills required for Special/Adventure Tours -Knowledge of Local Security and Route Chart –Personal Hygiene and Grooming -Checklist -Code of Conduct.

Acharya Nagarjuna University UG / Degree Tourism Guidance Material:

This material is prepared by top examiners who are working in various government universities across country. ANU UPDATES Team thanks to them for all their effort to make this material.

 ANU UG / Degree 1st Sem Tourism Guidance Unit-I material Download Here

 ANU UG / Degree 1st Sem Tourism Guidance Unit-II material Download Here

 ANU UG / Degree 1st Sem Tourism Guidance Unit-III material Download Here

ANU UG / Degree Tourism Guidance 1st Sem Model papers.

 ANU UG / Degree 1st Sem Tourism Guidance Model paper-I Download Here

 ANU UG / Degree 1st Sem Tourism Guidance Model paper-II Download Here

 ANU UG / Degree 1st Sem Tourism Guidance Model paper-III  Download Here

ANU UG / Degree 1st Sem Tourism Guidance Model paper-IV  Download Here

 Reference Books:

1.Jagmohan Negi (2006); Travel Agency and Tour Operations, Kanishka Publishers,New Delhi

2.Mohinder Chand (2009); Travel Agency and Tour Operations: An Introductory Text,Anmol Publications Pvt. Limited, New

3.Pat Yale(1995); Business of Tour Operations,Longman Scientific & Technical, New Delhi4.Websites on Tourism guidance.



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