Wednesday 9 September 2020

This Three Days Preparation Planning Bring confidence to complete your C Programming Exam


Lot of students are thinking that C programming is difficult to pass or score good marks. Speaking honestly it is 100 percent wrong. If you don't have a proper preparation from the beginning of the semester then it makes fear otherwise it is heaven.

As all we know the 2nd semester C programming exam going to be held on 14.09.2020 and only 5  days are left for preparation. Here we are presenting a successful plan to crack your C Program Exam.

Thing that are required to follow this plan:

Syllabus copy of C program: Before studying any subject, understanding syllabus is more important. If you don't have it please download it.

A good class room notes: A class room notes make us to read and understand better than other books.

Your 5 Hours time of these 3 Days: To implement the plan provided below a minimum of 5 hours is needed.

Things that you can't do

Don't read from test paper: you can't read or prepare topics from test papers.

don't skip the plan: if your preparing seriously don't skip the plan provided here.

Believe in your self not other options: your confidence and our plan help you to crack the exam.


 In the first day of the plan read the following questions and after completion of these question, close the book and try to memorize them. Like how we are memorizing the movie.

1. Different types of data types

2. Different types of operators 

3. Structure of C program.

4. Algorithm and flow chart with example.

5.Type conversion and type casting.


Most important day and you must first revise the day-1 topics in first 1 hour and start learning the following questions. you should also remember the alternative names for these topics is very important.

1. Looping statements.

2. Conditional branching.

3. Unconditional branching.

4. String handling functions.

5. Recursion with example programs like factorial, GCD


Don't revise the previous topics of day-1 and day-2, simply learn the following.

1. Call by value and call by reference.

2. Categories of functions.

3. Storage classes and scope of variables.

4. 1D, 2D arrays 

5. Matrix addition, subtraction, and multiplication programs.

Since you have another 2 Days for exams, if u miss any of the above questions please complete and revise above questions in those days.

Revision is more important than learning new things:

After completion of above three days, revise those topics until before 1 hour of exam.

If possible please look at previous question papers and you will find some questions that are asking frequently like DMA, structures and unions, programs from files. If you finished above plan it is better to learn these topic other wise you can skip them.

Don't wast your time after these 3 days of preparation revise as many times as you can that make you perfect in those topics.

Note: This plan is just making most of the students confidence, it not necessary every one to follow it. Those students who don't have better idea to prepare can help this plan.



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