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ANU UG 6th Sem B.Sc Computer Networks Important Questions

ANU UG 6th Sem B.Sc Computer Networks Important Questions for Questions for all 5 units are available. by Reading these questions one can get good marks. As all of you know anuupdates provides important questions from beginning of the semester exams. Max 85% of the question papers consists of questions from these list.If it is useful please share with your friends and follows us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/anuupdates.  Here are our other websites that are useful to you.

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About New Model Paper !

ANU has recently changed model paper for 6th semester computer subjects. The question papers consists of 10 question and you need to answer any 5 of them. From each unit 2 question will be given compulsory.

UNIT-I ( Physical layer)

1. What is computer notworks? what are the network design issues involved in designing a typical network.
2. Write various applications of computer networks.
3. Explain different types of networks.
4. What is topology? Explain various network typologies.
5. Compare connection oriented and connection less services with suitable examples.
6. Write about functions of each layer in OSI Reference Model.
7. Write about functions of each layer in TCP/IP Reference Model.Also Compare TCP/IP with OSI Model.
8. List the advantages and disadvantages of having international standards for network protocols.
9. Write about various guided transmission media.
10. What is the need for wireless communication? Discuss about various portion of spectrum used for transmitting information.
11.What is switching? Explain various switching techniques in physical layer.

UNIT-II ( Data link Layer)

1. Write about various data link layer design issues.
2. Discuss the services provided by the data link layer to the network layer.
3. Write about various error detection and correction methods.
4. What is the checksummed frame transmitted if the message is 1101011011 and the generator polynomial is  X4+x+1 suing CRC.
5. Explain sliding window protocol.
6. what is pipelining? With an example, explain Go-Back-n sliding window protocol.
7. Discuss various channel allocation problems in LAN's and MAN's.
8. What is ALOHA? Differentiate pure and slotted ALOHA.
9. Explain the operation of CSMA/CD Protocol.
10. Write about various collision free protocols.
11. What is Ethernet? Explain different Ethernet cabling.
12. Write about Manchester Encoding.
13. "Bridges are backbone of any computer networks". Explain.
14.Explain different types of bridges.
14. Write about Local internetworking.
UNIT-III ( Network layer)

1. Briefly explain about Network layer design issues.
2. compare virtual circuit and data gram subnets.
3. What is shortest path routing? Give Dijkstra algorithm for shortest path.
4. What is distance vector routing? Explain with an example.
5. With an example, explain hierarchical routing algorithm.
6. Write about broad casting and multi casting routing algorithms.
7. What is congestion control? Explain various congestion control algorithms.
8. What is QOS? What are the various techniques to achieve Good quality of service.
9. Explain " The Resource reservation protocol".
10. Explain about internet working.
11. what is Tunneling? Explain internet routing.
12. What is Fragmentation? Write about types of Fragmentation.
13. Explain IP V4 Header in detail.
14. Write about ARP, OSPF, BGP.

UNIT-IV ( Transport layer)

1.What are the similarities and differences between transport layer and data link layer?
2. Briefly discuss about Transport layer quality of service parameters.
3. Explain addressing at Transport layer.
4.Briefly explain the concept of flow control and buffering.
5. Discuss about Transport layer protocols TCP and UDP.
6. Write about congestion control in Transport layer.

UNIT-V ( Application Layer)

1. Explain various functions of application layer.
2.  Explain Domain Name Systems(DNS).
3. Explain the architecture of E-Mail.
4. Explain RFC 822 header fields.
5. Write about various E-Mail protocols.
6. What is architecture of WWW? Discuss client and server side functionality of this architecture.
7. Write about various WWW protocols.
8. What is MPEG? How audio and video are encoded using MPEG?
9. How video is played on demand?


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