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ANU UG / Degree B.Com ( Computers) 5th Sem DBMS Question Paper Held on 18.10.2017

ANU B.Com 5th Sem database management systems questions is now available. You can get good marks by preparing these questions. The question papers consists of 8 questions and you need to answer any five questions. Each question carries 15 Marks. nagarjuna university B.Com r DBMS question papers held on 18th October 2017. This question papers is very useful for B.Sc students for the exams going to held on 21st Oct 2017.

What are the expected Questions from each unit.

According to the model paper placed on the official nagarjuna university website, you can get single question from each unit compulsory. But as per our expectations the following choice is followed.

UNIT-I ------- 1 Question

UNIT-II ----- 2 Question

UNIT-III ----- 2 Questions

UNIT-IV ---- 2 Questions

UNIT-V ---- 1 Question

                              Nagarjuna University UG B.Com Exams Oct 2017

                                  Sub: Database Management System

Answer any FIVE of the following. 5x15= 75

1. What are the objectives of DBMS?

2. What are drawbacks of file based system?

3. Describe about building blocks of Database management system

4. What are the basic concepts of ER data model?

5. Give an examples of data types and set operators.

6. What are DML commands? Explain with examples.

7. What are control structures in PL/SQL? Explain.

8. What is cursor? Write steps to create cursor in PL/SQL.

Note: Questions are updated


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