Tuesday 28 April 2020

Some clarification Regarding Results, Instant Exams, Supply Exams Fee payments

Hi, every one. From the last 15 days every one asking when results are released ? or what about Revaluation results ? if RV results are not yet released how to pay exams fee? Here are some clarifications about these.

About Revaluation Results:

                when a student is applied for revaluation it takes nearly 10 to 15 days to release results normally. Because, all colleges need to submit the revaluation applications on the date given in revaluation notifications. This may delay due to some reasons. Even if one college not submitted application with proper demand draft, the revaluation is not processed until they submit.

             After receiving the application, university need to separate the answer booklets according to number of applications received. Then calling for the subjects experts for Revaluation is done. after, results are computerized and finally they are published.  

Paying supply exams fees:

                  Generally all the supply exams notifications are released after the revaluation results are  released. Most of the cases, when the RV results are not yet released and regular / supply exams fee notification is released, then definitely the exams fee date is extended.

                 If exams fee date is not extended means, the revaluation results are released before the last date for paying fee is ended. There so many occasions when the RV results are released after last date for applying exams is completed. If it is the case, it up to your choice, whether to pay exams fee or wait for RV Results.

 About Instant Exams Fee Payment

                                 If the 3rd year revaluation results are not yet released at the time of paying the exams fee, then no need to worry about it, the results are released one day before the exam, then you can pay the exam fee at the respected exam center and you can write the exam. But, you need to prepare all the subject for instant exam until revaluation results released.

                      The eligible candidates names for instant exams are available on anu.ac.in or nagarjunauniversity.ac.in or on this anu updates site along with knowresults.co.in. you can check your name from this this.

About Supply Exams for 1st, 2nd Years Students

  1. There is no separate supply exams for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Semesters, one should write along with regular students.
  2. Supply and instant exams is only for 5th, 6th Semesters.
For example, If a students joined in 2018 in degree first year, Then his exams are as follows
  • 1st Year:  1st Sem Regular in Oct 2018 and 2nd Sem Reg in June 2019
  • 2nd Year: 3rd Sem Reg + 1st Sem Supply and 4th Sen Reg + 2nd Sem Supply
  • 3rd Year: 5th Sem Reg+1st Sem Supply+3rd Sem Supply and 6th Sem Reg +2nd, 4th Sem Supply.

Therefore, a student write supply exams of 1st, 2nd years in 3 years... that is the reason why no separate supply for 1st, 2nd year students.

Some students are asking, Sir if I have subject in 1st, 2nd year, I need to wait one year? 

Yes, you need to wait, that is u r mistake, we have given so many chances to clear subjects, but you can't cleared.

So study and write exams well..

If you have any doubts, you can ask below as comments.

Note: This article was written general and information purpose only. This not official  


  1. what the hell is wrong with your university? we pay RV fee long before a month ago but we sill waiting for RV results. that's not fare for ANU.. don't play with students life.. when RV release?



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