Monday, 27 June 2016

Did yo check the following facilities at you degree college

Are you newly joined in the Degree in this year as a first year or your a old student of your college. What are it may, you need to know some of the facilities and services that college must offers to student and which are actually a part of the Nagarjuna university curriculum.So, many of the student are not aware of what are university rules and regular and what a college will following. Now today, We are with you to provide a such valuable information Here.   

       When a student wan to join in degree normally he/she ask their brothers or sisters who are currently studying their graduate or post graduate. OR they may choose their parent choice or they can take their decision independently with out ask any suggestions to any one. Some one join the college which is near to their house with their city/Town. Some one prefer hostel facility. But most of the student are not check the following thing.
 As a student you must know some of truthful factors before going to join in your undergraduate degree:

  • Check whether the college is affiliated to particular university or not.
  • Check the number of faculty member for each subject in each department.
  • Check whether the faculty in the college are regular faculty or gust faculty
  • Check the previous 5 years exam results track record.
  • Check it contain all lab facilities and they are running the lab regularly in the college timetable or not.
  • Check the infrastructure of the college.
  • Ask the college, how many student got placement from the last 3 year with profs.
  • Ask whether they are offering NCC or NSS as a part of UG Degree or not.
  • Ask the college whether they are offering the extra curricular activities along with regular class or not
  • Ask the college whether all the faculty are qualified according to ANU norms or not.

 Some of thing you need to know

  • There is no need to pay the separate fee for practical and mid examinations for college.
  • There is no payment  for Revaluation / Recounting Fee with Fine 
  • There is no need pay the Exam fee with fine before the date mentioned in the examination notification officially released by the university.
  • There is no separate Provisional certificate or Original Fee for final year students it is included in the exam notification it self.

  Note: If you have any question you ask us here.


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