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ANU B.Sc / B.Com Programming in C Previous Question

Here are the Nagarjuna University previous question for B.Sc 2nd semester Programming in C subject. Previous question means these are not 2nd semester previous questions because your the first batch. These are the question which are appeared previous in ANU B.Sc 1st year yearly examinations.

Note: Useful for both 2016 and 2015 admitted Batch

Why Previous Questions?
                                       Our team observed that, In the first semester the question are mainly on old syllabus repeated questions. So, it helps you a lot in your external 2nd semester exams if you prepare the following question.

  1. Discuss about types of operators present in " C" Language.
  2. Explain character Input and out put functions with examples.
  3. Illustrate the use of local variables and global variables with an examples.
  4. What is Recursion? Write a C program to find the factorial using recursion.
  5. Write a c program to reverse a given string without using string library functions
  6. Write about user defined data types in C language.
  7. What is File? Write about different types of files can be handled by C language.
  8. Explain about i) fread ii) fwrite iii) fseek and ftell functions
  9. Explain the structure of C Program.
  10. Write a C program to find the maximum of given two numbers using conditional operator.
  11. What is function? What are its advantages ? Write a C program to create a user defined function.
  12. Discuss in Detail about Arrays.
  13. Discuss about any string handling functions with examples.
  14. Write a C program to convert lowercase characters to uppercase and vice versa in a given string.
  15. Write about Preprocessor Directives
  16. Differentiate structure with union.
  17. Explain various looping statements with syntax's, flow charts and examples
  18. What is an Array? Write a C program on Matrix multiplication.
  19. What is string? Explain seven string handling functions with syntax and examples.
  20. Write about goto statement with example
  21. What is structure? Write a C program to print the total marks of N students each using structure
  22. Explain various if statements with syntax, flow charts and examples
  23. Write a C program to check a given number prime or not
  24. What is an Array? Write a C program on Matrix subtraction and multiplication.
  25. Write a program to interchange the values of a variable without using third variable.
  26. Explain about any four string functions.
  27. Explain about storage classes in C
  28. Write a C program to calculate the area of a circle using functions
  29. Write about enumerated date types 
  30. Write a C program to find prime numbers
  31. What is program? Explain different level of programming languages?
  32. Write a program to check whether the given string is palindrome or not.
  33. Explain various data types available in C with examples.
  34. What is Array? Explain different types of arrays with examples
  35. Define Pointer. Write a C program on swapping of two numbers using call by reference method.
  36. Define function. Explain different categories of functions
  37. Write a C program to find cosine series.
  38. Write a C program to find GCD and LCM of two numbers.
  39. What is structure? Explain with an example.
  40. What are the advantages of modular programming
  41. Explain differences between call-by-value and call-by-reference with example.
  42. Write short note on passing structures to functions 
  43. Write a program to sort 'n' numbers in ascending order.
  44. Define pointer. Explain the types of pointers, mention its advantages.
  45. Explain Random access of files in C language
  46. Explain Dynamic Memory allocation in C.
  47. Describe the opening and closing files in C.


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