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Acharya Nagarjuna University UG 3rd Year Web Technologies Important Question for B.Sc

Here are the Acharya Nagarjuna University Web Technologies Unit wise Important Question for B.Sc their years. All the questions are framed unit wise, also with chapter wise.If any question is missing please comment below. This useful to us and other visitors.

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  1. Discuss the differences between styles versus formatting. Explain the tags support in HTML
  2. Discuss about MIME
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

  1. Explain the features of a HTML page. Also explain the structure of HTML Document.
  2. Explain the tags used with <body> tag.
  3. Explain How to format the text with example in HTML.
  4. What are Hyperlinks? Explain different ways of specifying hyperlinks.
  5. What are lists? Explain different types of lists in HTML with example program.
  6. What is table? Explain how to create them and their attributes in HTML
  7. How to use Images in your HTML Pages. Explain

  1. Explain How to include multimedia objects in HTML with example.
  2. What are frames? Explain <frameset > with an example.
  3. Why forms are useful in HTML? How to create them in HTML? Explain
  4. Explain the document header in detail.


Cascading style sheets

  1. What are Cascading style sheets? How to define your own styles?
  2.  Explain properties and values in Cascading style sheets
  3. Explain how to format blocks of information.
  4. What are Cascading style sheets? Explain different types of CSS.
An Introduction to JavaScript
  1. What is JavaScript? Are Java and JavaScript are same? Write benefits and problems of JavaScript.
  2. What are the alternatives to JavaScript?
  3. What are variables? Explain how to create them?
  4. Explain different types of data types available in JavaScript.
  5. Explain different string manipulation functions in JavaScript.
  6. Explain different mathematical functions in JavaScript.
  7. Explain different control statements used with JavaScript.
  8. With an example explain different types of operators supported by JavaScript.
  9. What is an array? Discuss the structure of an array with example. Also discuss how to remove an element from an array.
  10. Explain object based array functions in JavaScript.
  11. What is function? How define a function in JavaScript? Write scope rules.

Objects in JavaScript
  1. How JavaScript supports object orientation? Explain with an example.
  2. What are regular expressions? Explain
  3. What are exceptions? Explain exception handling in JavaScript.
  4. Explain different Builtin Objects in JavaScript.
  5. “JavaScript is an Event-driven system”. Justify
Dynamic HTML with JavaScript
  1. How JavaScript is useful to validate your data in a web page? Explain
  2. Write about opening a new window
  3. Write about messages and conformations in JavaScript.
  4. How to write a data to a different frame? Explain
  5. Explain Rollover Buttons in JavaScript
  6. Explain Moving images in JavaScript
  7. Explain how to download multiple pages in single download.
  8. Write about Text-Only Menu System.
  9. Explain floating logos in JavaScript.

Active Server Pages and Java
  1. What is ASP? Explain different ASP object.
  2. Explain Java Servlets.

XML: Defining Data for Web Applications
  1. Why XML? Explain XML elements.
  2.  Explain DTD and their elements.
  3. With an example explain XML Schema.
  4.  Explain Document Object Model (DOM)
  5. Write about presenting XML
Good Design
  1. What is good design? List the factors that affect the design of a webpage.
  2. Write the differences between frames and tables.
  3.  Explain Accessibility and Internationalization

Useful software
  1. What is web browser? What are the factors need to be considered when choosing a web browser?
  2.  Outline some of the advantages of using Perl for CGI scripting compared to, for example, C++.
  3. How can you run own web server at home? Is this a realistic alternative to using an Internet Service Provider either during development, or for hosting your complete web site?
  4. What are the FTP and Telnet protocols?
  1. Why are protocols necessary when different types of system try to communicate?
  2. What is the relationship between the Internet Protocol and the Transmission Control Protocol?
  3. What is the CGI Protocol? How do CGI scripts differ from other types of application program? List five dangers that are inherent to CGI scripts.
  4. What are the GET and POST methods of HTTP Protocol? Why is it generally thought better to use POST than GET in web applications?


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