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Acharya Nagarjuna University Report Generator Unit Wise Important Questions

Acharya Nagarjuna University Report Generator is a computer application subject appeared in all the degree courses of B.Com computers. The syllabus is completely covers the concept of Microsoft Excel. Here are the some important questions for you.


  1. What are the features of MS-Excel ?
  2. What are the uses of MS-Excel? Explain the advantages to use. 
  3. Explain the parts of the worksheets with the help of the diagram.
  4. How to manage work books in excel?
  5. Explain entering and editing,number,formulas.
  6. Write about protecting and unprotecting documents and cells.
  7. What is cell reference? Explain various cell reference Techniques
  8. Explain about Auto format and custom format.  
  9. Explain about Auto fill and custom fill.   
  10. Explain about moving cells,copying cells,sorting cell data.
  11. Explain about inserting columns,inserting rows,inserting cell.
  12. Explain cell data sorting on a work sheet.
Please also read the Supply and regular papers of 2014


  1. Explain page setup options in MS-Excel 
  2. Explain auto format feature in ms excel 
  3. Explain various formatting techniques in excel.
  4. Explain about number formatting in excel.
  5. Explain about format painter feature in excel
Note: It's a advantage the long answer question for unit two comes from unit one 90%. So, read unit one completely.


  1. What is function ? What are its advantages? explain parts of a function.
  2. Explain different types of functions in excel.
  3. Explain the error messages from functions.
  4. Explain about function wizard.
  5. What is a chart? Explain the various types of charts offered by MS-Excel? How to create a char?
  6. Explain about editing chart.
  7. what is data map? Explain.
  8. How to create chart on separate worksheet.
  9. How to rotate 3-D charts.


  1. Explain how to create and place graphics in excel.
  2. What is macro? Explain creating and Running a macro.
  3. Explain how to assigning macros to buttons.
  4. How to import and export graphics in excel? 
  5. Explain how to draw lines and shapes in excel?


  1. What  is database? Explain about creating database in excel.
  2. What is a database and how it can be maintained using a data form ?
  3. Explain in detail about filters in MS-Excel.
  4. Explain sorting excel databases.
  5. How sub totals and grand totals are calculated in excel?
  6. Explain what-if Analysis.
  7. What is scenario management? explain.
  8. What is solver ? How to find right number using solver.
  9. Explain the use of information window to find errors.  
  10. How to use pivot table wizard for cross-tabulating of Database? 
  11. How to use Auditing commands to troubleshoot?

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