Wednesday, 10 June 2015

ANU Plans to Introduce Semester System in Degree Examinations

ANU Plans to Introduce Semester System in Degree Examinations from this academic year 2015-16 on words. That is the students who joined in this as First Year in Degree.

 Expected Changes in Conducting of examinations.

                       There are so many universities in other states which introduced semester system and get success both in the academic and  results. Now Acharya Nagarjuna University is plan to introduce the same one in Andhra Pradesh state.

                     Being a new state changes like these are easily adaptable and quality in the education is also increases. Still now the Degree examinations are held annual wise and this process ends with this year. Here are some of expected changes in conducting of examinations.

  1. There may be Two examinations are held per year. 
  2. The total three years course is divided into six semesters.
  3. The first semester examinations are held in December and second semester examinations are held in May of every year.
  4. May be there is no separate supply examination in the middle of the academic year. If a student is failed first year first semester then next supply examination for his is their juniors regular examination.

 Expected Changes in Syllabus.

         In Andhra Pradesh the JNTU Kakinada had already an experiment for the first year changed annual examination to semester examination and succeeded. If ANU  thinking like this, here are some expected changes in the syllabus.

  • For each semester there are are totally six subject. 
  • Each subject contains sive units.
  • For each semester there may be Two lab examination.
  • The Language subject are also considered as in the total marks.

Is There any New Subject for the Academic Year 2015-2016

                         May be a chance, ANU is already collaborated with  many of the foreign universities and the present syllabus is framed so many years and this is not suitable for present industry needs. For example if you take Osmania University, the subjects introduced in Degree are useful for industry needs. So, If ANU is thinking like this 100 % new subjects are introduced in this year.

Examination Patten:

         The total 100 marks are divided into two parts. 1. Internals Examinations 2. External Examinations.

 1. Internals Examinations

                               For the internal examinations 25 marks are allotted. The 25 marks are distributed as

  • Internal Examinations ( Mid examinations) - 15 Marks
  • Quiz Examinations- 5 Mark
  • Attendance--- 5 Marks.

 2. External Examinations.

                   For external examinations 75 marks are allotted. The question paper contain 7 question and the student need to answer any of the five questions. Each question carries 15 marks.  



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