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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

ANU UG 4th Sem B.Com (Res) Business Analytic Important Questions

Nagarjuna University B.Com (Res) 2nd Year 4th semester Business Analytic Important Questions are now available. It is the new subject introduced by Nagarjuna University in this year. It is easy to pass this subject by preparing 1st, 4th, 5th Units from the given syllabus.
Unit-I (Introduction)
  1. Describe in detail the life cycle of business analytic. What are the key players in the business analytic process?
  2. Explain the business process in detail.
  3. How does business analytic help an organization in handling the various business challenges?
  4. Define Data. What are the different types of data?
  5. Define the different types of digital data. Differentiate between structured data and unstructured data.
  6. Explain the use of Excel in data visualization and exploration.
  7. Discuss briefly some of the techniques of diagrammatic representation of data.
  1. Explain general purpose of ANOVA.
  2. Explain types-I and Type-II Errors.
  3. Explain cluster analysis.
  4. Explain Market Basket Analysis.
  5. Explain Univariate, Bivariate and Multivariate Data analysis.
UNIT-IV ( Business Data Management)
  1. Describe the components of data warehouse in detail. What are the objectives of a data warehouse?
  2. Discuss in detail the different types of data warehouse architecture. What are the factors that govern the choice of a particular type of data warehouse architecture?
  3. Define extraction. Explain the different phases of the extraction process.
  4. Explain with an example the meaning of the term " data transformation".  Explain different levels of transformation.
  5. Define data marts. Elaborate on the process of creating data marts.
  6. Why do organizations need data integration? Describe the various approaches to data integration.
  7. Define data mining . What are the steps involved in conducting datamining. How does datamining help a business firm?
  8. What is metadata? Write its characteristics.
  9. Define Data Marts? How to create them?
  10. Write about OLAP and OLTP.
UNIT-V (SPSS Packages)
  1. What are the different types of files used in SPSS?
  2. Explain the different steps involved in using SPSS for descriptive analysis.
  3. What are the benefit and limitation of using SPSS? 


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