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ANU B.Sc 5th Semester Software Engineering Important Questions

Software engineering is a field of engineering, for designing and writing programs for computers or other electronic devices. A software engineer, or programmer, writes software (or changes existing software) and compiles software using methods that improve it. Here you can find nagarjuna university B.Sc 5th semester software engineering important questions for all units. The questions are prepared at most care by top examiners. 

ANU B.Sc 5th Software Engineering important questions for 5 units are available. You can get good marks by preparing these questions. The question papers consists of  8 questions and you need to answer any five questions. Each question carries 15 Marks. nagarjuna university B.Sc important questions for Software Engineering.

What are the expected Questions from each unit.

                  According to the model paper placed on the official nagarjuna university website, you can get single question from each unit compulsory. But as per our expectations the following choice is followed.

UNIT-I ------- 2 Questions

UNIT-II ----- 1 Question

UNIT-III ----- 1 Question

Note: One Question from 2nd, 3rd Unit extra can be given.

UNIT-IV ---- 1 Question 

UNIT-V ----  2 Question

UNIT-I ( Introduction to software engineering)

  1. What is software engineering paradigm? Write about various process paradigms.
  2. Why it is important to manage project? Explain software management.
  3. Explain process and project metrics.
  4. Explain size oriented and function oriented functions.    
  5. Explain metrics for software quality.
  6. What is Risk analysis? What are its types and explain risk analysis process.
  7. Write about software planning and project scheduling.

UNIT-II ( Requirement Analysis)

  1. Explain the requirement engineering process with help of a diagram and also explain the spiral model of requirements.
  2. Discuss about the requirements analysis.
  3. What is requirement engineering? Explain various concepts that lead to effective software engineering.
  4. What are the characteristics of SRS? Write a general structure of an SRS and explain each element.
  5. Write short note on data flow diagram with an example.
  6. Explain how analysis model is created by identifying its elements.
  7. Explain requirements elicitation and analysis.
  8. Explain the procedure of developing class based elements of the analysis model.
  9. Enumerate the functions of requirements engineering. 
  10. Describe the process of creating an analysis model and list out its elements.
  11. What is requirement analysis? Why it is so difficult to gain a clear understanding of what the customer wants? Explain.

UNIT-III ( Software Design)

  1. Explain in detail different elements on design model.
  2. Explain various decomposition techniques.
  3. Define and explain various types of coupling.
  4. What is cohesion? What are its types?
  5. Explain the procedure of converting analysis model into a software design model.
  6. Discuss in detail various design concepts and principles.
  7. What is software architecture? Why it is so important? Explain structural partitioning.
  8. What is data design? What are various elements of data design? Write the guideline for data design.
  9. Explain architectural styles and patterns.
  10. Explain procedure / function oriented design.

UNIT-IV ( User Interface Design and Real time systems)

  1. Explain the golden rules used for user interface design.
  2. What are the steps used in user interface analysis and design.
  3. Explain the various user interface analysis and design models.
  4. Explain in detail spiral model of user interface analysis and design process.
  5. With the help of some suitable example explain the process of creating user interface design.
  6. What are user interface design issues?
  7. Give system response time characteristics.
  8. How a user interface design is evaluated?
  9. Explain about user interface design and interface standards.
  10. Briefly explain about Human computer interaction.

UNIT-V ( Software Quality and Testing)

  1. What is SQA? Write about elements of SQA.
  2. Explain six sigma method with an example.
  3. Explain software reliability and software safety.
  4. Write short note on ISO 9000 Quality standards and SQA Plan.
  5. Explain software reverse and Re-Engineering.
  6. What is path testing? What is basis path testing? Explain.
  7. What is cyclomatic complexity? How it is used to testing.
  8. Explain control structure testing.
  9. Explain integration and validation testing.
  10. Explain about system testing and unit testing.
  11. What are CASE Tools? Explain its types in detail.  

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