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ANU Information and Communication Technology-2 ( ICT-2 ) Important Questions

Nagarjuna University Information and Communication Technology-2 ( ICT-2 ) Important Questions are available now available. The question papers formation is in the following two ways

1. There are totally 5 questions and you need to answer all the five questions. Each question carries 10 Marks. Here you have internal choice.

2. The question paper consists of Section A & B. Section A carries 8 two marks questions you need to answer any five for 10 marks and section B carries 5 questions with internal choice and you need to answer 5 question for 40 marks.

Fundamentals of Internet 

8 Marks / 10 Marks Questions
  1. What is network ? Explain different types of networks.
  2. What is Internet? Write about different types of services available on internet.
  3. What is internet addressing? Explain.
  4. What is computer virus? Explain different types of computer virus? write prevention techniques.
  5. What is Web browser? Why it is needed ? Explain different types of web browsers.
  6. Write some interesting facts about internet and its history.
  7. Explain the way internet works.
  8. write the procedure of web page retrieval.
2 Marks.
  1. What is protocol?
  2. What is internet congestion?
  3. write the difference between IPv4 and IPv6.
  4. write the differences between internet and intranet.
  5. what is internet application? Give examples.

Internet Applications

8 Marks / 10 Marks Questions
  1. What is Internet Explorer? Explain standard internet explorer buttons.
  2. What is search engine? How to search internet? Explain.
  3. what is social networking? Where is used? Explain some popular social networks.
  4. What is instant messaging? Write some social networks which supports instant messaging.
2 Marks

  1. What is web address or web site address?
  2. Write different ways of entering a web address.
  3. Write the difference between Google and Google+.
  4. What is online advertising?
  5. Define hyperlink, hypertext, hypertext protocol.
  6. What is website and to register it.
  7. What is Bookmark? How do you book mark a web page or web site?
  8. What is meta search engine? 
  9. How to use Boolean operators in searches?


8 Marks / 10 Marks Questions
  1. Define E-Mail? Write advantages and disadvantages of E-Mail.
  2. Write the steps involved in creating E-Mail id.
  3. What are the components of E-Mail message.
  4. How to create / compose and send a E-mail message? Explain.
  5. Explain the inner working of e-mail.
  6. What do you mean by e-mail management? How to manage e-mail.
2 Marks.
  1. What is Domain name? Write some top level domain names.
  2. What is DNS ? Give examples.
  3. What is use of POP and IMAP protocols?
  4. What is spam? what is spam filter?
  5. What is attachment? How to attach and send a document using e-mail.
  6. Write about userid, passwords and e-mail addresses. 
  7. What is junk mail ? Is it harm to your computer? suggest.
  8. What are components of e-mail?

World Wide Web

8 Marks / 10 Marks Questions
  1. Define WWW? Write miscellaneous web browser features? compare Netscape's and Microsoft browsers.
  2. What is search engine? what are the components of it? write their working.
  3. Write about directories and search engines. Also mention some popular search engines.
  4. What is meta search engine? How does it works? Explain.
  5. Write some search fundamentals and search strategies used while searching WWW. 
2 Marks
  1. What are cookies? 
  2. Define Plug-in and Helper Application? Give some examples.
  3. Define Lynx? Why it is used?
  4. Write some popular search directories.
  5. What are white pages? Write some popular white pages.
  6. What is Query?

Basics of HTML

8 Marks / 10 Marks Questions

  1. Define HTML? Write the basic structure of HTML document.
  2. How to crate simple HTML document ? Explain.
  3. Write HTML formatting Tags.
  4. What is Hyperlink? Explain how to create them.
  5. How to insert images in your HTML document? Explain.
  6. What are lists? Explain different types of list in HTML.
  7. What is table? How to create it ? Write about all table tags available in HTML.
  8. Write some popular image formats.


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