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ANU Information and Communication Technology-2 ( ICT-2 ) Important Questions with Previous questions

Nagarjuna University Information and Communication Technology-2 ( ICT-2 ) Important Questions are available now available. The question papers formation is in the following way. The question paper consistent of  three sections. Total Marks 50.

1. The first section consists of 10 Multiple choice questions and you need to answer all questions. Each question carries One Mark.

2. The Second section consists of "Mach the following" consists of 5 Marks.

3. Third section consists of 8 questions and you need to answer any 5 questions. Each question carries 7 marks.

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Fundamentals of Internet 

7 Marks Questions
  1. What is network ? Explain different types of networks.
  2. What is Internet? Write about different types of services available on internet. [ NU Oct / Nov-2016]
  3. What is internet addressing? Explain.
  4. What is computer virus? Explain different types of computer virus? write prevention techniques. [ NU Oct / Nov-2016]
  5. What is Web browser? Why it is needed ? Explain different types of web browsers.
  6. Write some interesting facts about internet and its history.
  7. Explain the way internet works.
  8. write the procedure of web page retrieval. 
  9. Explain Client Server Networking. [ KRU November 2016]
  10. What is Internet? Write the evaluation of Internet. [ KRU November 2016]
Internet Applications

7 Marks Questions
  1. What is Internet Explorer? Explain standard internet explorer buttons.
  2. What is search engine? How to search internet? Explain.
  3. what is social networking? Where is used? Explain some popular social networks.
  4. What is instant messaging? Write some social networks which supports instant messaging.
  5. What is Liked In? Write its Feature. [ NU Oct / Nov-2016]
  6. What is WhatsApp? Write the steps to create WhatsApp Account. [ KRU November 2016]
  7. What is Tumblr? Write Features of Tumblr. [ KRU November 2016]


7 Marks Questions
  1. Define E-Mail? Write advantages and disadvantages of E-Mail. [ KRU November 2016]
  2. Write the steps involved in creating E-Mail id.[ NU Oct / Nov-2016]
  3. What are the components of E-Mail message.
  4. How to create / compose and send a E-mail message? Explain.
  5. Explain the inner working of e-mail.
  6. What do you mean by e-mail management? How to manage e-mail. 
  7. What is E-Mail Hacking? Explain. [ KRU November 2016]

World Wide Web

7 Marks Questions
  1. Define WWW? Write miscellaneous web browser features? compare Netscape's and Microsoft browsers.
  2. What is search engine? what are the components of it? write their working.
  3. Write about directories and search engines. Also mention some popular search engines. [ NU Oct / Nov-2016]
  4. What is meta search engine? How does it works? Explain.
  5. Write some search fundamentals and search strategies used while searching WWW.  
  6. What is search engine? Write any three search engines. [ KRU November 2016]

Basics of HTML

7 Marks Questions
  1. Define HTML? Write the basic structure of HTML document. [ KRU November 2016]
  2. How to crate simple HTML document ? Explain.
  3. Write HTML formatting Tags.
  4. What is Hyperlink? Explain how to create them.
  5. How to insert images in your HTML document? Explain.
  6. What are lists? Explain different types of list in HTML.
  7. What is table? How to create it ? Write about all table tags available in HTML. [ KRU November 2016]
  8. Write some popular image formats.
  9. What is Web? Write about WWW and HTML. [ NU Oct / Nov-2016]
  10. What is HTML? Write about Basic HTML Tags. [ NU Oct / Nov-2016]
  11. Explain headers and Footers in HTML with example. [ NU Oct / Nov-2016]
  12. Explain the web Terminology. [ KRU November 2016]

Krishna University Nov 2016 2 Marks Questions.

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of networks?
  2. What is computer virus?
  3. List any five web browsers.
  4. What is HTML?
  5. What are the drawbacks of Social Media Network?
  6. What are the purposes of using Twitter?
  7. How does E-Mail work?
  8. Write the syntax of TITLE command and BODY command.

Nagarjuna University Oct / Nov 2016 Multiple choice questions with answers.

1. To get the internet connection the computer has to be connected to as

a) Internet Architecture b) Internet society c) Internet Service provider d) Non of the above

2. ________ different campus offices and organizations can be linked together.

 a) LAN b) WAN c) MAN d) CAN

3. To prevent virus you should

 a) Check attachments b) Check extensions c) Share file d) Above all

4. One of the services of Internet

 a) finding study material b) communication c) FTP d) Online Shopping

5. URL stand for

a) Transmitting data b) web page address c) web browser d) router

6. To Access dail-up, we need

a) speakers b) DSL c) UPS d) URL

7. Skype is__________ internet application

a) Share images b) profile design c) voice and video calls d) only text messages

8. Common gateway interface is used to______

a) Generate executable files from web contents
b) generate web pages
c) stream videos 
d) Index HTML

9. HTML stands for________

a) Hypertech Markup Language
b) Hypertext Markup language
c) Hypertest Markup language
d) Hypertext Makeup language

10. Apache Tomcat is a_______

a) Web Browser b) Web Server c) Modem d) Database

11. Match the following

a) Gopher          [ iv ]        i) Virus
b) Trojan Hose   [ i ]       ii) LAN
c) Hobby blogging  [ v ]   iii) HTML
d) Bridges              [ii ]  iv) Client server system
c) Web Page          [  ii ] v) Tumblr


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