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ANU UG / Degree B.Com 6th Sem Marketing of financial services important Questions

ANU UG / Degree B.Com 6th Sem Marketing of financial services important Questions are now available, these questions are prepared by senior examiners of anuupdates. By preparing these questions you can get more marks in exam by preparing these questions.

UNIT-I (Difference between Goods and Services)
  1. Define the term "service" and explain the characteristics of service.
  2. What are the main elements of service?
  3. What is integrated service management? Explain its challenges and benefits.
  4. Explain the elements in managing servicing counters.
  5. Discuss in detail managing the service sector.
  6. Critically examine the reasons for the growth of service management.
  7. Define goods and services and mention the differences between goods and services.[ANU 19,18]
  8. What are the reasons for the growth of services in India?[ANU 19]
  9. Explain different types of services.[ANU 18]
  10. Explain in detail the different elements of services management mix.
  11. Explain the importance of people in service management.
  12. What is marketing management? Discuss the process of marketing management.
  13. Discuss the role and features of advertising as an effective channel of distribution.
  14. Explain elements in service marketing.
UNIT-II ( Constructing Service Environment)
  1. Explain the process of managing people for services advantages.
  2. How to build customer loyalty?
  3. What is business environment? What are the characteristics of business environment?[ANU 18]
  4. Discuss the major components of economic environment.[ANU 18]
  5. Explain the strategies needed to manage the people for service advantage.
  6. What is service productivity? Explain the strategies for improving the service productivity.
  7. What are the basic advantages provided to customers in a service environment?
  8. What is mean by political environment? Specify its effects on business.
  9. What do you mean by service environment? What are the activities related to constructing service environment?
  10. What is meant by social environment? Explain its affect on business concern.
  11. What is service quality? Explain the dimensions of service quality.
  12. Write about the effect of macro environmental factors in services marketing environment[ANU 19]
  13. Explain various elements of environment.
  14. Discuss the importance of business environment.[ANU 18]
  15. What is meant by service quality? Explain its importance and characteristics.
  16. Explain the life cycle of services.
  17. What are the basic advantages provided to customers in a service environment?
UNIT-III (Pricing and Promotion Strategies)
  1. Explain promotion strategies in service marketing.[ANU 18]
  2. Analyze the merits and defects of B2B marketing.
  3. What is B2B marketing of services? What are the principles of a successful B2B marketing strategy?[ANU 19]
  4. Define Market plan. Explain various stages in marketing planning for services.[ANU 19]
  5. Briefly explain objectives of pricing.
  6. What are the ways to improve productivity of services?
  7. What is promotion? Describe the promotion mix for services.
  8. Briefly explain the advantages and disadvantages of advertising.
  9. Discuss the role of advertising.
  10. What are the factors affecting pricing of products and services?
  11. What is B2B? Sate its major advantages?
  12. Sate the role, steps and factors affecting pricing decision. 
  13. Discuss the factors influencing the pricing decision.
  14. What do you mean by pricing? What are the objectives of pricing?[ANU 18]
  15. Explain the process of service marketing planning.
UNIT-IV (Distributing Services)
  1. Explain the channels for services provizen.
  2. Explain various issues in franchise management.
  3. Explain different type of distribution channels.[ANU 18,18]
  4. Discuss the role of distribution channels.[ANU 18]
  5. What do you mean by distribution channels? Explain the role and significance of distribution channels.
  6. Explain various approaches for providing services.
  7. How to design a distribution system with special reference to service?
  8. What are the important factors influencing the selection of distribution location of services?
  9. What are the factors influencing in selection of a channel of distribution?
  10. Describe the process of revenue management.[ANU 18]
  11. Explain various strategies for channel management.
  12. Explain the process of designing and managing service process.
  13. Explain the power of naturality and truth by service providers.
UNIT-V (Retail Financial Services)
  1. Explain credit services and its importance.
  2. Analyse the factors responsible for marketing strategy of financial services.
  3. What do you mean by "insurance"? What are the features and advantages of insurance?[ANU 19]
  4. Describe various types of life insurance policies.[ANU 19]
  5. Discuss various types of investment services in India.
  6. Explain the marketing practices followed by state financial corporation.
  7. Explain the concept of insurance. What are the characteristics and advantages of insurance.
  8. Describe the marketing practices in ICICI.
  9. What are different types of insurance services?
  10. Enumerate the financial services rendered by bank in India.
  11. Explain institutional financial services.
  12. Explain the significance of life insurance.[ANU18]
  13. Elucidate different types of credit services.[ANU18]
  14. Discuss the importance of life insurance.
  15. What marketing practices adopted by commercial banks in a development country like India.
  16. Explain the role of IRDA towards the development of Insurance sector.
  17. Discuss briefly the functions of Insurance.
  18. What are the essentials of an insurance contract?  
Short Answer Questions
  1. Characteristics of services.[ANU 19]
  2. Service environment.[ANU 19]
  3. Objectives of pricing policy.[ANU 19,18]
  4. Steps in preparing of service blue print.[ANU 19]
  5. Various kind of insurance services.[ANU 19]
  6. Essentials for good advertising.[ANU 19]
  7. Functions of service intermediaries.[ANU 19]
  8. B2B marketing.[ANU 19]
  9. Components of service.[ANU18]
  10. Social environment.[ANU18]
  11. Methods of channel distribution.[ANU18]
  12. Quality of a good salesman.[ANU18]
  13. Cost management.[ANU18]
  14. Role of life insurance.[ANU18]
  15. Consumer Loyaly.[ANU18]  


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