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ANU UG 6th Sem B.Com Management Accounting Important Questions.

ANU UG 6th Sem B.Com Management Accounting Important Questions are now available, these questions are prepared by top examiners of anuupdates team. By preparing these questions you can get a maximum of 70 marks in your external exams.

Since for long answer questions from each unit one theory and one problem will be given. you can answer either theory or problem.

UNIT-I (Management Accounting)
  1. Explain the nature and scope if management accounting.[ANU 18]
  2. Discuss the importance and limitation of financial statements.
  3. Distinguish between cost accounting and management accounting.[ANU 18]
  4. Discuss the techniques of management accounting.[ANU 19]
  5. Explain the importance of management accounting.[ANU 19]
  6. Write a analytical note on common size statements and state the procedure of computing it.
  7. Explain the advantages of management accounting.
UNIT-II (Ratio Analysis)
  1. What do you mean by ratio analysis? What is the significance of ration analysis. [ANU 18]
  2. Explain the importance of ration analysis.
  3. What are the advantages and limitations of ratio analysis.
  4. What are the uses and limitations of ration analysis.[ANU 19]
  5. Explain the managerial uses of ration analysis and its limitations.
  6. What are liquidity ration? Discuss the significance liquidity ratios.
UNIT-III (Fund Flow Statement)
  1. What do you mean by funds flow statement? What are its uses?
  2. Explain the importance of funds flow statement.
  3. What are the sources and applications of funds flows in funds flow analysis?
  4. What is funds flow statement? Explain its managerial uses.[ANU 19]
  5. What are the differences between funds flow statement and cash flow statement?
  6. Write the proforma of profit and loss adjustment account for ascertaining funds from operations.
  7. What is funds flow statement? Why it is important tool in financial analysis.[ANU 18].
UNIT-IV (Cash Flow Statement)
  1. Explain different types of cash flows.
  2. Explain the objectives of cash flow statements.
  3. What is cash flow statement? What are its uses?
  4. Define the term" Cash flow". Explain the objectives of cash flow analysis.[ANU 19].
  5. Explain the significance of cash flow statement.
  6. Discuss the uses and limitations of cash flow statement.[ANU 18]
UNIT-V ( Break-Even Analysis and Decision Making)
  1. Discuss the uses of managerial uses of break even analysis.
  2. What is meant by break even analysis? Discuss the assumptions and limitations of break even analysis.
  3. Discuss the importance of breakeven analysis.
  4. What is profit-volume ratio? Explain the importance of profit -volume ratio and how do you calculate it?[ANU 19]
  5. What is break even point? Explain the uses of break even analysis.[ANU 18]
Short Answers
  1. Nature of management accounting.[ANU 19]
  2. Turnover ratios.[ANU 19]
  3. Funds from operations.[ANU 19]
  4. Margin of safety.[ANU 19]
  5. Return on capital employed.[ANU 19]
  6. Cash flow from financial activities.[ANU 19]
  7. Break-even analysis.[ANU 19]
  8. Make or buy decision.[ANU 19]
  9. Objectives of management accounting.[ANU 18]
  10. Liquidity ratio.[ANU 18]
  11. Schedule of change in working capital.[ANU 18]
  12. Cash flow from operating activities.[ANU 18]
  13. Profit volume ratio.[ANU 18]
  14. Key factor.[ANU 18]
  15. Working capital.[ANU 18]
  16. Capital employed. [ANU 18]
Note: Also do problems from at least two units in exams.


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