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ANU Degree / UG B.Com (Res) 6th Sem PHP & MySQL Important Questions

ANU Degree B.Com (Res) 3rd year 6th sem PHP and MySQL Important Questions for all units are now available. Here are Nagarjuna University degree 6th sem important questions. By preparing  these questions you can get good marks in your external exams.


1 .Discuss Building blocks of PHP.
2. Define data types? Discuss about data types in PHP.
3. Define Operator. Discuss about operators in PHP.
4. Discuss about various conditional statements in PHP.
5. Discuss about Looping statements in PHP.
6. Write about code blocks and browser output.
7. What is function? How to call function in PHP? How to return value from function?


1. Define Array? Explain different types of arrays in PHP.
2. Write about some arrays related functions in PHP.
3. How to create objects in PHP? Write about object inheritance.
4. Discuss about Formatting and Investigating strings in PHP.
5. Write about some string manipulation functions in PHP.
6. Explain Date and Time functions in PHP.


1. Write the procedure to create form in PHP.
2. How to combine PHP and HTML in single Page? Explain.
3. Write about Hidden Fields and redirecting user in PHP.
4. What is Cookie? How to set and delete Cookie in PHP.
5. What is Session? How to Create, destroy, and unset session variables?
6. How to pass session ID in query string? Discuss about Using Sessions in an Environment with   
       Registered Users.  


1. What is File? How to include them? How to create, delete and validate files in PHP?
2. Write about Opening a File for Writing, Reading or Appending, Reading from Files.
3.What is directory? How to create and remove them? How to read data from directorates?
4. Discuss about running commands with exec, system() or passthru().
5. What are necessary modifications to image?
6. Discuss about getting Fancy pic charts.


1. Explain about MySQL vs MySQLi
2. How to connect to MySQL with PHP.
3. Discuss about working with MySQL Data.



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